Coast Guard Rescues Alaskan Fishermen From Sinking Boat

by Amanda Glover

Coast Guards continue to perform heroic tasks as this seems to be the month fishermen are running into the most problems. An agency spokesman reminded Alaskan fishermen that waters off Alaska plan to experience extreme weather conditions this time of year. Thankfully, these two fishermen made it back to dry land in one piece.

Fox Weather shared the audio and visual of the fishermen requesting assistance. Through the static, listeners hear the men reporting that they are “taking on water” and “the engines not starting.”

On Monday evening, two fishermen called for assistance as their boat, “Glory,” started sinking. According to the Coast Guard, rescuers reached the two men after finding their boat getting deeper underwater. As the wind blew 55 mph and the seas nearly 5 feet, the Coast Guard sent a rescue swimmer to check the condition of the fishermen’s boat.

“The biggest challenge during this rescue was the severe winds. However, the fishermen were well-prepared with good communication equipment and survival gear,” stated Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Scott Woodcock.

The two fishermen made it back to Alaska unharmed. But the owner of the boat will have to recover the vessel on their own.

Coast Guard Warns About Winter Boating

With more and more boating accidents happening this season, it’s best to remind boat lovers of the dangers of winter boat trips.

According to reports from the agency, hyperthermia is one of the leading causes of boating deaths during winter. This is due to the impacts cold water temperatures have on the human body. There’s only so much ice we can handle before running inside with the heater blasting.

The Coast Guard states that extended exposure to water temperatures 70 degrees or lower can lead to exhaustion and unconsciousness.

Data from buoys shows water temperatures in the Great Lakes, the Northeast, and even as far south as North Carolina. These areas are already cold enough to greatly affect a person’s health if they are in conditions for a long time.

The Coast Guard suggests the following to prevent boating accidents leading to hypothermia. Remember, 70% of boating deaths happen due to the operator not being familiar with boating safety

  • Filing a float plan
  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Knowing the weather conditions before heading out

Coast Guard Rescues 18 People Stranded on Lake Erie Ice Floe

On Sunday afternoon, the Coast Guard rescued 18 Ohio residents who were standing on an ice floe near Catawba Island. This frightening event occurred when ice separated from the shoreline and floated into Lake Erie.

The Coast Guard used a helicopter to save 7 helpless individuals while two airboats rescued the remaining 11 people.

“The helicopter lowered its rescue swimmer and began hoisting operations while Station Marblehead’s airboat got underway,” the Coast Guard reported in a statement after the intense event.

Although emergency medical teams made it to the scene, no one required medical attention as they were all safe.