Cody Johnson and Ian Munsick Releasing New Track ‘Long Live Cowgirls’ on Friday

by Jonathan Howard

Country music fans should get excited about this upcoming release. Cody Johnson and Ian Munsick are putting out Long Live Cowgirls this Friday.

Munsick and Johnson together on the same song, now that is something to look forward to. Johnson’s deeper tone mixed with the higher pitches of Munsick could produce some very interesting harmony and sound. At the very least, it can be an interesting contrast between verses.

From the title of the song, it sounds like something all of us Outsiders can get on board with. Long Live Cowgirls is coming this Friday, and the artists are getting fans pumped up for the release. Munsick shared the news on his Instagram. Check it out below and see for yourself.

Long Live Cowgirls with the [GOAT] [Cody Johnson] out THIS FRIDAY!” the caption says. There is a lot of excitement and eagerness in the replies that were clear. Fire emojis, goat emojis, a few “Hell Yeah’s,” and an “Epic” or two as well.

These are two modern artists that don’t necessarily fit the mold of what is considered a popular country. For Ian Munsick, his music is that next generation of country-pop that includes drum machines, it includes some different voice effects and things at times. Then again, he isn’t afraid to do songs that are more “traditional.”

Cody Johnson, on the other hand, has a much more traditional style and sound than Munsick. However, it is distinctly his own. He has had a longer career and has developed his sound over time for sure. The point I’m getting at is that these are two very diverse artists in their sounds and their potential styles. Who knows what will come Friday.

Cody Johnson Doesn’t Think Country Sounds Like Country

One thing you can bet on, this song will sound like a country music song. Cody Johnson recently spoke about songs in the genre not sounding like they used to. Not even like they used to, they just don’t sound like “country music anymore,” according to the singer-songwriter.

“I saw somebody with a sign back there that said ‘Save Country Music.’ Can we all agree on something? Country music doesn’t sound like country music anymore. It is my life’s mission to change that.”

During the concert that he said this at, he revealed something else. His big song, Dear Rodeo was “too rodeo for radio,” according to some executive or music label suit. If Johnson could be described in just one word, it would be “country.” So, it makes sense that this is his mission in life. Anyone who thinks that he is too country or rodeo for anything is kidding themselves.

Cody Johnson is having quite a new year. His songs are taking off. Dear Rodeo made it into an episode of Yellowstone which has helped with some publicity. However, Johnson has been getting millions of streams for a long time. This new single should be another great addition to his catalog.