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Colin Kaepernick Blasts NFL ‘Propaganda,’ Twitter Goes Crazy

by Matthew Wilson
Colin Kaepernick Blasts NFL 'Propaganda,' Twitter Goes Crazy
Photo credit: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Twitter spoke out after Colin Kaepernick blasted the NFL for its Black Lives Matter “propaganda.” In a tweet, the former quarterback let his feelings be known, and there was no love lost between him and the league. Kaepernick also called out the NFL for “blackballing” fellow player Eric Reid.

In 2016, Kaepernick sparked a national conversation about politics, racism and sports during a football game. The former 49ers quarterback knelt during the national anthem in protest of social injustice and police brutality. After the football season ended, Kaepernick became a free agent, and the league still hasn’t signed him to a team.

Reid supported Kaepernick and joined him in protest, the first to do so. Now, Reid is a free agent searching for a team, and Kaepernick believes the NFL is making that difficult due to his past political protests. In 2019, the two players reached an undisclosed settlement –reportedly less than $10 million – with the NFL over their collusion grievance against the league and owners.

The NFL has engaged in similar demonstrations to what Colin Kaepernick started.

The NFL refused to engage in the protests but have since changed their mind in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Since the new season has started, the NFL has had several demonstrations in promotion of social injustices. At the Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans game, players from both teams lined up from end zone to end zone. The Texans also refused to be on the field during the national anthem. That game drew controversy when fans started booing during the moment of silence.

Since then, NFL Roger Goddell has expressed his regret on how the NFL handled the Kaepernick situation.

“Well the first thing I’d say is, ‘I wish we had listened earlier, Kap, to what you were kneeling about and what you were trying to bring attention to,’ ” Goodell said. He also said that he would support a team signing Kaepernick.

Now that Twitter is reacting to Kaepernick, calling out the NFL over these demonstrations.