College Students Unconcerned by Inflation Until They Learn of Rising Beer Prices

by Quentin Blount

It turns out that college students are not all that concerned about inflation. That is until they realized how it jacked up the price of beer.

Ophelie Jacobson, a Campus Reform reporter, made her way down to Gainesville to talk to students at the University of Florida about inflation. She then made an appearance on Fox News’ Varney and Co. on Thursday to talk about what she found out. Speaking first to Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Jacobson explained that the college kids didn’t have much concern about inflation.

“I talked to dozens of students at the University of Florida about inflation to see if they were concerned about it at all,” Jacobson said. “And at the beginning, these students showed no concern for inflation.”

But their tones changed once they found out that it would affect things they use on the daily. Some of those things include gas, used cars, and of course, beer.

“You can only imagine the shock that these students had when they found out that the price of beer rose 70 percent over the past year,” she said.

College Students Respond to Rising Cost of Beer

As we all know, college students are known for drinking and partying. But if the prices of beer keep rising, that could make enjoying a night out much more expensive. Students at the University of Florida became pretty upset when Ophelie Jacobson informed them about inflation.

“It makes having a fun night more expensive,” one student said. That was followed by one of his friends echoing, “That’s atrocious.”

So, what exactly was the goal of the reporter in this scenario? Well, she wasn’t trying to make anyone feel dumb. Quite the opposite, actually. She says that she wants to help put these key issues into perspective for young voters.

“Inflation isn’t a problem for a college student until they go to the grocery store and try to buy a 12-pack of Corona, and it costs 70 percent more than it did the year before,” Jacobson said.

The Labor Department released a report last month that showed consumer prices have risen 5.4 percent year over year in July. That matches the prior month’s gain as the fastest since August of 2008.

Meanwhile, other readers on Fox News weren’t quite as sympathetic for the college students in Florida.

“Wait until your parents aren’t supporting you and you’re trying to pay a mortgage, feed your family, and put gas in your car on your own paycheck, kids,” one reader said. “The cost of beer will be the least of your concerns.”

Another reader talked about how their kids are reconsidering whether or not they want to move out.

“Funny, my kids are both telling me they will move out at 18. When I mention the costs they seem to reconsider.”