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Colorado Governor Declares State of Emergency in Response to Fast-Spreading Wildfires

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has declared a State of Emergency in response to the fast-spreading wildfires in the state’s Boulder County. Evacuations have already forced at least 13,000 people to leave the area and seek safety. That number continues to grow as the gusty winds show no signs of letting up.

Actually, the gusty winds are to blame in the first place. Winds downed several power lines, which then sparked a handful of tiny grass fires. Within moments, those tiny grass fires turned into a raging blaze. Winds as fast as 110 mph continue to blow through the area as citizens try to flee.

Video Shows Cars Driving the Wrong Way on the Highway in Order to Escape the Colorado Wildfires

The National Weather Service of Denver/Boulder has issued a life-threatening alert for the city of Louisville asking anyone nearby to immediately evacuate as well. Shocking footage from the Colorado highways shows cars flipping around and driving the wrong way in order to escape the blaze.

You can watch the heartbreaking video here:

At this point in time, Denver7 describes significant portions of the blaze as unattended. This is because the wind has made it nearly impossible to do anything about the fire’s spread. UCHealth Broomfield has already begun treating some patients for injuries related to the fires.

Colorado fire officials are trying to get aerial support to the area now but have to wait for the winds to die down first. This should happen within the hour.

“Prayers for thousands of families evacuating from the fires in Superior and Boulder County,” the governor tweeted. “Fast winds are spreading flames quickly and all aircraft are grounded.”

A Severe Drought Contributed to the Disaster But Precipitation May Be on the Way

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Department of Agriculture have declared that severe droughts in the Boulder area have played a role in the fast-moving wildfires. In fact, the Front Range has experienced the driest 6 months in history. Denver even broke a nearly 90-year-old record for the latest snowfall of the season.

Meteorologists say that Colorado’s “fire season” is no longer just a season. Instead, wildfires are, unfortunately, a year-round possibility now. And apparently the same can be said for tornadoes and earthquakes in other parts of the country.

Weather reports show expected snowfall for the Colorado area late tonight and early tomorrow, which is a good thing. However, significant damage will already have been done by then. At this time, there are no fatalities to report and there is no estimate available for the damages that have already occurred.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by this scary situation and we hope our Outsiders continue to stay safe.