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Colorado Man Clears Cobwebs With Blowtorch, Reportedly Sets Home on Fire

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ty O'Neil/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

We’ve all heard the running joke about giant bugs invading our homes: burn it down and start over. However, fully intended as a joke, one Colorado man reportedly cleared some cobwebs from his mother’s home with a blowtorch. As expected, he inadvertently set the place on fire.

The 39-year-old said he had been attempting to clear cobwebs from the homeowner’s crawlspace with a blowtorch. He reportedly tried to put the fire out for an hour himself before calling authorities.

While the man’s intentions reportedly sound just, if not logical, authorities arrested the man on several charges, including first-degree arson. According to The Denver Channel, no one suffered injuries in the fire, however, they did not list the extent of the physical damage to the woman’s home. Overall, though, damages from the fire cost about $100,000.

If there’s any lesson to be had, Outsiders, it’s that that joke I mentioned should only be taken as that: a joke. Instead of the blowtorch, perhaps he could have just grabbed a broom.

Teenaged Boy Saves Sisters From House Fire

While the above situation narratively appears absolutely ridiculous, we are glad to hear that no one was harmed. Nevertheless, we can’t help but question the arsonist’s logic, especially after seeing the headline alone.

Nevertheless, we will try to avoid falling into the man’s lack of logical proceedings. On the other hand, another individual was recently hailed as a hero after saving his sisters from a house fire.

Over the Labor Day Weekend this September, a Wisconsin 13-year-old, Briar Omar, earned the title “hero” when he rescued his four sisters from their rapidly burning home. Briar’s quick actions kept all the girls from harm. All of the Omar children range in age, the youngest of the girls only six months old at the time.

Unfortunately for the family, their home quickly succumbed to the blaze, even after Briar reentered the structure to try and contain some of the flames himself.

Following the incident, the young man told CBS affiliate WCCO, “My sisters. That was the first thing I thought of. I knew I had to get them out of the house.”

California Blazes Seriously Damaged Thousands of Trees

House fires are absolutely devastating, especially when they leave nothing but the foundation behind. However, at the same time, the Western United State’s annual wildland fires have become more and more intense in recent years. As such, this year’s blazes saw the damage and destruction of some of our country’s oldest and most valued trees.

Near the end of last month, the National Park Service stated more than 10,000 trees that run adjacent to California’s giant sequoia groves sustained damage after this year’s fires.

As a result, these trees now pose potential threats to passersby, the irreversible damage laying waste to the giants’ structure.

Hopefully, as this year’s wildfires have marked a historic point in our country’s natural disasters, Americans take greater initiative to keep these things from happening in such magnitude in the future.