Colorado Opens First In-N-Out Burger, Massive 14-Hour Line Forms

by Jennifer Shea

Coloradans like their fast food. The California chain In-N-Out Burger was wildly popular upon its recent opening in two Colorado cities.

The chain opened locations in Aurora and Colorado Springs this Friday, the New York Post reports. The stores opened at 10 a.m. for drive-thru or to-go traffic, with no indoor dining available due to the pandemic.

In Aurora, cops showed up to herd the crowds of customers who flocked to the new fast food joint. 

“It’s official, traffic is double double animal style right now all around the mall,” Aurora Police tweeted. Their jargon was a hat tip to the chain’s terminology. “We are on hand helping manage the massive traffic response. Be patient and kind. Maybe support another local eatery today and In-n-Out another day if traffic is too hectic for you.”

According to the Aurora PD Twitter account, the wait stretched up to 12 hours at one point. Police later revised that estimate to 14 hours.

By 4 p.m., police estimated the vehicle line had reached two miles long. It snaked around the adjacent mall twice, per the San Jose Mercury News.

In-N-Out is known for its fresh ingredients and a scaled-back, burgers-and-fries-themed menu, USA Today reports. Gordon Ramsay is reportedly a fan of the chain.

First Coloradoan to Eat In-N-Out

Meanwhile, in Colorado Springs, one man had parked his truck near the drive-through and slept there since Tuesday, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.  

“I wanted to be able to always say I was the first one through In-N-Out in the state of Colorado,” the Southern California native said.

Company owner Lynsi Snyder was on hand for the Colorado Springs store’s opening, as well. 

“Colorado is one of my favorite states,” she told the Gazette. “I’ve always loved it because I snowboard, I like whitewater rafting, I like just being out with nature. That’s what you see here in Colorado Springs. When we looked at everything and just where we could serve more markets, this was a good spot.”