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Colorado Police Chief Among Those Who Lost Homes in Devastating Wildfire

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

As investigations about the wildfires that have swept through Boulder County, Colorado continue, it’s been reported that Louisville Police Chief Dave Hayes is among those who lost their homes during the devastation. 

During an interview with 9News, the Colorado fire chief spoke about how he lost his home of 32 years in Louisville. He had lived in the home alone since his children moved out. He said he received word at about 9 p.m. the night of the fire. And he decided to go check on his house to see what it looked like.

Speaking about the devastation of his home, the Colorado fire chief stated, “I kinda had some idea. I was there that night with deputy chief Jeff Fisher. As we were getting ready to leave, I said I was going to check on my house.”

That’s when Hayes stated that Fisher pulled him aside and said he didn’t think the house was still there. The Colorado resident further revealed that what used to be the house had collapsed into the burnt-out basement. And the car in his driveway was melted. 

The Colorado fire chief also explained that he raised his children and grandchildren in that house. “As we started to rebuild, then I’m going back. Because we are going to rebuild. And this may sound like a crazy idea, but I want the same exact house back and the same rooms where they are. The furnishing will be different, but I kind of like things the same.”

Hayes added that he is working nonstop to help his Colorado community recover from the fires. “At some point, I’ll get to me. But it’s important As it is to the men and women of the Louisville Police Department, that we continue to provide good service and safety.”

President Biden to Tour Colorado Fire Areas This Friday 

According to the Denver Post, President Joe Biden will be heading to Colorado on Friday (January 7th) to tour the wildfire areas. The state’s Governor, Jared Polis, and U.S. Representative, Joe Neguse, will also accompany the President as they discuss federal aid. 

President Biden has notably approved of a request from Polis on Saturday to declare the fire scene a major disaster. This in return unlocked federal relief funding. “We cannot expect our communities to bear the burden of this disaster on their own,” the Colorado Governor declared. “We must bring the full force of the federal government to bear as our communities work to rebuild and recover.”

The Colorado wife fire, which is now called the Marshall Fire, began on December 30th. It took place in a neighborhood nearly Colorado 92 and Marshall Road in eastern Boulder County. The fire was notably driver by “hurricane-force” winds and it became the most destructive fire in the state’s history within a matter of hours. It destroyed nearly 1,000 homes and businesses in Superior, Louisville, and other unincorporated areas. Another 127 buildings also have noticeable damage.