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Colorado Wildfire: Authorities Say Arson Could Be Possible Cause

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Authorities have begun to look into what caused the devastating wildfire that burned down 991 buildings in the Boulder, Colorado area. Fox 31 Denver has reported that police are considering all of the possible causes. As of right now, arson or human negligence haven’t been ruled out. If authorities discover that humans were behind the fire, they would be held accountable. The fire destroyed thousands of acres of land. Not to mention, hundreds of homes.

The wildfire spanned a total of 6,000 acres over Boulder County, C.O. Superior and Louisville were affected by the fire. This information is based on a preliminary report made by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. 991 structures were destroyed by the fire, and an additional 127 structures were damaged. The fire spread historically fast, in part because of the consistent high winds. It was the most destructive fire in the state’s history. As of yesterday (1/1), there were no deaths from the fire. However, three people are missing.

Called-in Tips Point to Possible Arson

On Saturday (1/1), the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on a property. The search warrant was to see if humans could have possibly been involved in the massive fire. “We are actively investigating a number of tips that came in yesterday and last night from the community,” Sheriff Joe Pelle told NBC 9. “One of those tips has resulted in us executing a search warrant on a property.”

The Sheriff’s Office isn’t the only authority investigating the blaze. According to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, the FBI will also be looking into what caused the fire. Officials pointed out that the fire was started on a “red flag day,” which means that residents were not allowed to start any fires. “We’re looking into the cause and origin of the fire. If it turns out to be arson or reckless behavior with fire, we’ll take appropriate actions,” Sheriff Pelle stated. “It was a red flag day the day of the fire, so there shouldn’t have been any burning.”

Three People Still Missing Due to the Sudden Wildfire

As officials begin to survey the damage done by the fire, they are turning their attention to those that are missing. As of yesterday, there are three people missing because of the intense blaze. Although there are no reported deaths from the fire right now, officials will be bringing in cadaver dogs. This will help them find anyone missing. Amongst the missing is a 91-year-old grandmother.

Her family was confused over the weekend because missing person reports that were briefed to the public were not up-to-date. Due to how sudden and intense the fire was, multiple agencies are scrambling to fix things as soon as possible. Thus, more than one person is screening all of the missing person reports. We hope the missing people are reunited with their families soon.