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Colorado Wildfire: Heroic Man Saves Neighbor From Burning Home

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Days ago, we learned of a Colorado wildfire that ravaged Boulder County and the surrounding area. In the midst of the chaos, one man heroically saved his neighbor from their burning home.

Last Thursday, a Colorado man proved he’s already up for “Neighbor of the Year” after saving someone from the Marshall Fire. Phil Kupfner already showed he was a hero before doing it though, fighting the fire with his brothers with hoses to help quell the flames. After the group thought their job was done, Phil realized a neighbor was still in their home and went in to save him. KUSA-TV spoke to Kupfner’s niece, Jessica, who recollected the night’s events.

“They were originally kind of using their hoses, and they thought they had kind of made some progress with a lot in deterring the fire. And then they just thought embers kind of coming up over the top and catching all their roofs on fire,” Jessica told the outlet. “And that was when they were like, ‘Oh God, get out.'”

Continuing, Jessica said Phil knew one of his neighbors was still inside and immediately went back. Other family members confirmed Phil ran back into the burning house and brought the man to safety. He then put his neighbor in his truck and drove away. After that, the family doesn’t know what happened to the duo. Sadly, the rescue endeavor did not occur flawlessly, with both men staying in intensive care at a local hospital.

Currently, their conditions remain unknown.

Colorado Governor Said it’s a ‘New Year’s Miracle’ No One has Died in the Wildfires

Though the Colorado wildfire has ravaged large areas and destroyed homes, there is a silver lining. Governor Jared Polis reports as of New Year’s Day, there aren’t any fatalities and called it a “New Year’s miracle.”

Reuters is carefully covering all news related to the fire and reported a press briefing Governor Polis held. Noting the immense devastation, he nonetheless expressed relief that as of the briefing, there were no deaths. “We might have our very own New Year’s miracle on our hands—if it holds up that there was no loss of life.” Additionally, he stated no residents are missing inside the burn zone.

The fires have proved relentless, with 6,000 acres burning in a matter of hours. It has already destroyed 1,000 homes and forced many to evacuate both their house and their town. Though medical professionals treated six people for injuries on Thursday when the blaze began, all of them survived. Officials also report the affected areas are mostly contained except for a few smoldering points.

Hopefully, those few mentioned points are contained and dealt with before anyone else loses their homes.