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Colorado Wildfire: Partial Human Remains Found Amid Search for Two Missing People

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

The devastating Colorado wildfire, named Marshall Fire, burned nearly 1,000 homes when it rolled through the Boulder, CO area last week. In their search for two people that went missing during the violent blaze, authorities have discovered partial human remains. 

Investigators were looking for one of the two missing people when the remains were uncovered on Wednesday. According to the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Authorities found the remains just outside of Superior. Superior was certainly the area hit hardest by the fires, as every home in the neighborhood was burned. 

Authorities have yet to reveal the identity of the missing person. However, Sheriff Joe Pelle previously confirmed investigators were searching for a man in the same region. The local coroner’s office is working diligently to identify the human remains, as well as determine the person’s cause of death and the manner in which they died. 

Authorities Continue To Search For Missing Woman In Colorado Wildfire

Authorities continue to conduct a separate search for 91-year-old Superior woman, Edna Nadine Turnbull, who was reported missing. The search is centered around her home, where she was last seen just before the fires broke out.  

Joseph Henry Turnbull, a grandson to Edna, says the family has called hospitals in the area in case Edna makes her way to one in an effort to seek medical attention. So far, so luck. Joseph told The Denver Channel, “Now that she’s missing, it’s hard to tell what to expect. I mean, we’re hoping for the best, for sure.” He says fire crews have not found any evidence of her remains at the scene. 

A week after the Colorado wildfire that forced roughly 35,000 residents to evacuate the area, Edna Turnbull and the unidentified man are the only two people still missing. Authorities say with only two persons unaccounted for, the potential number of casualties from the disaster is remarkably low. 

The Cause Of the Fires Is Currently Under Investigation

Colorado Governor Jared Polis says the fire destroyed nearly 1,000 homes. Hundreds more face damage due to the flames. Additionally, at least seven people faced injuries, per reports from the sheriff’s office.  

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the massive fire. Originally, many thought the fire occurred due to downed power lines damaged by wind. Sheriff Pelle told NBC 9 earlier this week,  “We are actively investigating a number of tips that came in yesterday and last night from the community. One of those tips has resulted in us executing a search warrant on a property.”

Polis also advised that the FBI will play a role in investigations surrounding the fire. Sheriff Pelle said, “We’re looking into the cause and origin of the fire. If it turns out to be arson or reckless behavior with fire, we’ll take appropriate actions. It was a red flag day the day of the fire, so there shouldn’t have been any burning.”