Colorado Wildfire: Store Allows 80 Women Affected by Blaze to Shop for Free

by Clayton Edwards

In late December, wildfires started burning across parts of Colorado. Within days, the blaze consumed thousands of homes and businesses. Those who got away from the fires were left with nothing. Flames turned their homes and possessions into rubble and ash. Thankfully, communities are pulling together to help those who lost so much in the fires. For instance, Due South, a family-owned women’s clothing boutique in Lafayette, Colorado is allowing wildfire victims to restock their closets for free.

Hope After Tragedy

According to 9 News, a Denver-based NBC affiliate, the Due South boutique has already given away 89 $500 shopping sprees. Additionally, they have a waiting list of more fire victims who need help restocking their closets this winter.

Noel DeVries, the owner of Due South, was inspired to open the doors of her boutique when the fires spared them. “Watching the news and then just seeing everything the next day [was] just heart-wrenching,” she said. “So, we were looking for ways to reach out to the community and just provide hope.”

Then, Due South posted on social media that the boutique would offer $500 shopping sprees to any women who needed help after the fire. The store’s followers responded in the best way possible. People from across the nation started donating to the store in hopes of letting more women get clothes after the horrific fires.

However, the owners of the Due South boutique are offering more than just clothing at no cost. They’re offering a connection. DeVries said, “People were walking in the door with tears. I was able to give hugs and free drinks,” in addition to free clothing.

DeVries’ daughter Dennae Hill said, “One gal came in yesterday and she just looked at me and there was a connection. We had the most amazing hug that I needed, that she needed. It was special. It was something that I could give outside of clothing.” She was happy to be able to offer a moment of human connection in the woman’s time of need and grief.

Due South Boutique Owners Know About Losing Everything

Shortly after moving to Colorado, the family lost their home to a fire. Hill said, “My earliest childhood memory is holding my grandmother’s hand walking through the rubble.” That fire happened exactly 28 years to the day before the wildfire ripped through Marshall, Colorado. To the family that owns the Due South boutique, it was a sign.

Recalling the days after losing their family home, DeVries said, “God provided for us in incredible ways.” Now, they want to be that blessing for others.

If you feel moved to help the owners of Due South give fire victims some boutique clothing, you can. Head over to their Instagram to connect with them or check out the post above for information on how you can donate to the cause.