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Colorado Wildfires: One of Just Seven Ford Festiva Shoguns Destroyed in Blaze

by Amanda Glover
SUPERIOR, CO - DECEMBER 30: Fire advances up an open field in neighborhoods on December 30, 2021 in Superior, Colorado. Fierce winds have whipped wildfires in Boulder County. The towns of Superior and Louisville have been evacuated. Multiple homes and businesses have burned from the fast moving fire stocked by fierce winds, with gusts topping 100 mph, along the foothills. The fire has officially been named the Marshall Fire. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Over the past three days, the state of Colorado’s largest fire ever has destroyed close to 1,000 homes. Now, the fire moved on to destroying cute, vintage Ford Festiva Shoguns.

Today, the fire devoured one of seven Ford Festiva Shoguns. Well, now that’s what it is. The Shogun was once a combination of a Japanese-designed American subcompact and a high-performance three-liter V6 engine. However, the vehicle planned to have a production run of only 250 cars. Out of seven cars, one now remains.

When the fire made its way to her home, Colorado resident, Linda Jackson, revealed to Denver7 that she was storing the Ford Festiva Shogun in her garage for a neighbor.

“I think it was around 1 o’clock. I could see flames. I could see flames in my backyard and I knew I had to get out. I went downstairs, no electricity in my garage and my garage wouldn’t open. I thought about just walking out and walking down the street, but I called 911 and the fire department came and got me out.”

Whilst officials have not yet revealed the cause of the fire, it was suggested that it started after several small grass fires sparked. Broken power lines erupted due to gusty winds as well. It has also hasn’t helped that the state is dealing with a drought-ridden landscape.

3 People Are Still Missing After Fire Destroys 1,000 Homes and a Ford Festiva Shogun

Louisville Mayor Ashley Stolzmann reveals that the Colorado snow has been helpful in dealing with the fire. “Although the snow that covers the state has helped officials put out the fire, the snow has come and that has been wonderful because it’s helped to put out the fire. But it creates some other challenges with pipes freezing and things like that.”

The Colorado fire has taken away thousands of homes and possessions in Colorado, including a vintage Ford Festiva Shogun. The most tragic news is that three people still haven’t been located since the fire took place. The news of their disappearances broke Saturday.

Even though officials announce that no deaths have resulted from the fire, but others fear the worst. Those missing include 91-year-old Nadine Turnbull. After family members tried unsuccessfully to get Turnbull out of her home, she went missing.

Hutch Armstrong, Turnbull’s grandson-in-law, discussed the frightening news to 9News. “They tried to go out the front door with the neighbor.”

Jennifer Churchill, a spokeswoman for the Boulder Office of Emergency Management, spoke to The Colorado Sun. “I think the sheriff probably wasn’t adequately briefed by us. That was an unfortunate error. We feel terrible.”

We, at Outsider, give our thoughts and wishes to the families of the missing Colorado residents. If you’re in Colorado, please take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones.