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Combine Harvester Runs Over Kid and He Escapes Uninjured in Wild Video

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Gerard SIOEN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

A surveillance camera in Bozhou, of China’s Anhui province, caught a miraculous moment where a combine harvester runs over a kid, and he survived. What was almost his family’s worst nightmare, turned out completely fine. The boy walked away with only a few scratches and a story to tell for life.

In the heart-dropping footage, the little boy is playing on a paved area with another child as his father does farm chores by the side of a road. While the dad is busy raking and drying grain, the toddler notices his mother on the other side of the street. The boy is excited to see his mom, so he dashes across the road without looking. And he runs right in the path of a speeding combine harvester.

The giant piece of machinery plows right over the child and doesn’t even slow down, nor does it come back to check on the poor kid. The moment appears grim for a split second while the family screams in horror. But as the combine drives away, the little boy quickly stands up. The boy’s mother runs to him and hugs him close, and then his shocked father drops his rake and hurries to their side.

Once the child realizes what almost happened, he broke out in sobs. But it appears everyone was just (understandably) shaken up. And after watching the video a few times, we’re sure someone or something was watching over the toddler that day.

Combine Harvester Runs Over Kid…But It Might Not Have Been the Wildest Video This Month

On October 2nd, Winnie, Texas, was celebrating its annual Rice Festival with a small parade. A local pilot drove his yellow military plane through the town boulevard as a float. And once he was done, he figured he’d just use the city street as a runway and fly back to his house from there. But that proved to be a very bad idea. And someone caught what followed on camera.

As soon as the plane started to take flight, the videographer knew something bad was going to happen. “Oh… Oh..” she said anxiously in an ABC 13 YouTube post.

At first, it looked like the pilot was going to clear his liftoff. But everything goes horribly wrong just as the aircraft starts to get some altitude. Once it passes through a traffic light, the plane tips a little, and its wing clips a business sign. Then that force pushes the airplane to the other side of the road causing it to crash into a utility pole.

The pilot survived the crash, but he’s lucky. Photos obtained by TMZ show the demolished plane, and it doesn’t look like anyone could have walked away.