Conchata Ferrell, ‘Two and a Half Men’ Star, Suffers Heart Attack

by Hunter Miller

Conchata Ferrell, known for her role on “Two and a Half Men,” recently suffered a heart attack. The 77-year-old actress has been in the hospital since May.

Ferrell’s Husband, Arnie Anderson, tells TMZ the hospital transferred her to long-term care after more than a month in the ICU. She was originally hospitalized due to an infection she battled over this past winter.

While in the ICU, Ferrell, who portrays Berta on the CBS sitcom, went into cardiac arrest. Anderson says it lasted for about 10 minutes. He also mentioned that the Ferrell is now at a treatment center on a respirator and dialysis.

Currently, Anderson says his wife’s condition remains stable. However, she is semi-conscious and is unable to speak or communicate.

Following the heart attack, Anderson says Ferrell likely won’t be leaving the hospital soon. “It’s going to be a while before there’s any recovery,” he said. “It’s all neurological. There’s nothing we can do to speed it up the process. We are hoping for the best.”

While Conchata Ferrell does not suffer from the coronavirus, hospital regulations prohibit Anderson from seeing his wife. Fortunately, Anderson keeps in regular contact with Ferrell’s nurse.

Earlier this year, Ferrell spent weeks in the ICU after battling a near-fatal illness. She fell ill in December in Charleston, West Virginia, where she was living at the time at her vacation home. She suffered from a kidney infection that began to spread and contaminate her blood. After leaving the hospital, Ferrell was bedridden for weeks.