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Connecticut Army Veteran Goes To Ukraine To Help Take Out Russian Tanks

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Maximilian Clarke/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

An Army veteran from Connecticut has said that he’s going to Ukraine in an effort to take out Russian tanks in the invasion of the country. While he’s over in Ukraine, James Vasquez has been sharing images and videos of the battlefield. Russia keeps trying to take over more land in the country, but Vasquez has other ideas. Like taking out Russian tanks one by one in Ukraine.

Army Veteran Leaves Business Behind To Go And Fight In Ukraine

Vasquez declared back on Feb. 24 that he was leaving his family and business to go over there. That day happens to be the same one Russia chose to invade Ukraine. Tina Vasquez, James’ wife, said about her husband’s journey, “It’s in his DNA — it’s what he loves to do. He did the same thing after 9/11, rushed in to help. That’s just who he is — he’s my hero.”

He is a former U.S. Army staff sergeant. James Vasquez reached Ukraine on March 15 and started sharing what he was going through on Twitter. He detailed in one tweet how he helped “take out” numerous Russian tanks as well as kill and capture Russian troops. “Welcome to America!” someone shouts in a video that’s been seen more than 2 million times since it was posted Thursday. Vasquez is seen standing in front of a smoking Russian tank.

“I don’t know if you guys know what this was behind me,” Vasquez said, “but that’s a Russian tank. First tank that was taken out.” In another social media update, he writes: “So far we took out seven Russian tanks after a long firefight and took control of the area.”

Soldier Fighting In Ukraine Tweets That 159 Russians Were Captured In One Day

Another clip showed him excitedly counting out four blazing armored vehicles while exulting: “Yeah, buddy … I call that a good day!” Still, the Army veteran who is in Ukraine sent out this note on Twitter this week: “Captured 159 Russians today!”

Vasquez has also shown off his weaponry on social media, displaying grenades and a machine gun. The Army Veteran is mum on where he is in the country. But he has said that huge explosions in Lviv have woken him up at night. We get more here from the New York Post.

The ravages of war also get shared, too. For instance, Vasquez writes: “Russians refuse to take their dead. Their fallen soldiers are left to be eaten by stray dogs.” He called Russian troops “pieces of s–t” and adds “Americans would never leave a man or corpse behind.” He’s been getting a lot of attention for sharing images and moments from his time over in the war-torn country.