Convoy of Truckers Plan To Return To DC Beltway After 1-Day Break

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

One day after the People’s Convoy of truckers stepped away from their protest to help alleviate traffic, they’re headed back to DC. A traffic advisory in the area warned drivers to expect delays around the beltway and throughout the city.

Since the time of their initial protest at the end of January, more than 1,000 truckers joined together following in Canada’s footsteps. The convoy’s main mission was to protest strict COVID-19 mandates. In the time since the convoy left California, their goal was to reach Washington DC and speak to lawmakers.

What to Know

  • Convoy protestors will return to DC 1 day after hiatus
  • Advisory warns commuters to expect delays
  • DC police and other law agencies will standby at checkpoints
  • Organizers insist they’ll stay until demands are heard

Lead organizer Brian Brase, 37, had a successful meeting between senators Ted Cruz (Texas) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin). He spoke about how the parade of truckers aren’t anti-vaccine – they just want the choice in what they inject into their bodies.

“We’re not anti-vaxxers. We’re pro-choice,” he said. “Many of the politicians who refuse to understand where we’re coming from or don’t want to meet with us, they are out of touch with who Americans really are.”

He also told lawmakers that he and others are advocating for other freedoms as well. This is including ”reopening the Keystone pipeline, ending big tech censorship, ensuring rights for Capitol riot prisoners, holding vaccine manufacturers liable for damages, making political ideology a protected class – like freedom of religion – and reaffirming the Bill of Rights.”

As the demonstrators re-take their position back in the city, they intend on being respectful. Especially of other commuters while still getting their point across.

Advisory Warns Commuters of Delays After Convoy Return

The advisory in DC says that commuters should expect delays throughout the city. Police and other law entities will hold down checkpoints.

“UPDATE: @DCPoliceDept is beginning to implement traffic control measures in order to keep traffic moving safely through the area. These road closures are occurring in real-time as they are needed, and will be lifted as soon as they are no longer necessary,” Alert DC tweeted Monday afternoon.

The convoy of truckers converged in Hagerstown, Maryland weeks ago headed for DC where they’ve remained since. While the convoy is causing some annoyances to commuters, they’re being peaceful as they continue their protest, city officials said.

Though many COVID-19 mandates have since relaxed, Brase and his supporters are still asking for things to change. Brase said the meeting with lawmakers was positive.

“I got what I was hoping for. I got two respectable members of the senate here and I got all the media to come in this room and start covering. That’s a win for me. That’s a win for The People’s Convoy,” Brase said of the meeting. “Later today, we have more meetings and tomorrow’s a new day and the convoy is going to keep rolling around that Beltway until we achieve what our goals are.”