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Cops Hailed As Heroes After Catching Month-Old Baby Tossed from Second-Story Balcony

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Law enforcement officers across the country see a variety of terrifying and unthinkable actions throughout the course of their shifts. Most recently, two Jersey City cops earned the title, “Hero,” for saving the life of a one-month-old infant. The infant, now safe, was tossed from a second-story balcony.

A Saturday morning call saw Jersey City Officers Joseph Casey and Eduardo Matute at the foot of a second-story balcony on Rose Avenue. Callers stated a “deranged man” reportedly threatened to hurl the infant off the platform.

In response to the call, the pair of cops arrived and secured the perimeter. They additionally made efforts to encourage the man to gently put the baby down. Regardless, the man threw the baby off the balcony but Casey and Matute caught the child and ensured its safety.

Following the incident, the officers took the baby to the hospital as a preventative measure. Initial reports claim the child suffered no physical injuries. Luckily, the fact saw confirmation from hospital staff.

According to the Daily Mail, the man who threatened the baby’s life remains in custody and awaits charges. Further, outlets have not revealed the baby’s gender nor identification. Authorities remain unaware at the time as to the relationship between the “deranged” man and the baby. As far as the man’s unthinkable actions, authorities have not revealed any premeditated motive for the incident. For now, officers have attributed the event to a lapse in mental health.

In response to the cops’ actions, the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association President, Joe Cossolini, highlighted their heroic efforts. “We are celebrating a beautiful life today instead of reading a tragic story because of the quick thinking, bravery and teamwork exhibited by all of the officers who responded today.”

Knoxville Cops Perform a Selfless Act

Preventing tragedies comes as a major part of the job description for our nation’s police officers. However, while the two Jersey City cops saw recognition as heroes following their brave act, another group of officers highlighted their joy in performing their own selfless act.

Saturday saw the face-off of the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles. The fan-favorite Vols took home a major victory over the Eagles. However, it wasn’t the only event that made the game so memorable.

Saturday’s game saw the attendance of several East Tennessee Children’s Hospital patients. Their attendance was special, however, their means of escort were even more remarkable. The group of children arrived at the game escorted by Knoxville Police Department Officers.

While the event was surely memorable for the hospital’s young patients, the police department encapsulated what the action meant for the cops involved.

In a Facebook post, the department wrote, “What an honor it was to help escort East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, these courageous children and their families to Neyland Stadium for today’s Vols game.” The post continued, remarking of the children that, “Our officers are inspired by their strength and bravery in the face of tremendous adversity.”