Costco Bringing Back Popular Beer Advent Calendar This Year: Here’s What’s Inside

by Madison Miller

Is there really any better way to ring in the holiday season than a beer each day leading to Christmas?

Recently, Costco announced that it would be bringing back its incredibly popular beer advent calendar called the “Brewer’s Advent Calendar” to all of its locations.

Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Costco does both a beer and wine calendar for alcohol aficionados, both of which leave swarms of people flocking to the product on the shelves. This is the seventh year that the store has offered these calendars. Inside is a collection of 24 cans of beer.

The point is to open and drink a beer from December 1 to December 24. The beers are actually full-sized 16.9-ounce cans as well, not just a miniature version.

Don’t expect common American brews inside, either. Look elsewhere for Miller High Life or Bud Light.

According to Costco Connection, each of the beers is from an independent German craft brewer. You can break open each compartment and be met with anything from a märzen to hefeweizen to IPAs to pilsners to doppelbocks.

The cost for the beer advent calendar comes in at $59.99. They will release sometime this month, which means you’ll have to patiently leave the box alone for a couple of months. The entire concept has been widely loved by customers.

“I love that each year there are about six new beers in this pack based on feedback we receive from our members,” said Tony Rizzo, a San Diego regional beer buyer who assists in creating the product.

While it may be much pricier than your typical 24 pack, it offers a fun and festive at-home beer tasting every day for a month. If you don’t have a Costco membership, hopefully, you can find a buddy to tag along with for the day. You have to go right as they’re released too because they will sell out very fast.

Advent Calendar Craze

Costco isn’t the only store to jump on the new advent calendar craze. In fact, Costco’s biggest competitor is Aldi. Although it’s unclear if the store is releasing a beer calendar this year.

However, according to USA Today, the grocery store is releasing its “The 2021 Collection Wine Advent Calendar” and the “Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar.” Both are coming out on November 3, which is National Advent Calendar Day.

Aldi is also dropping the price from $59.99 instead of $69.99, which is what it’s been past years. More calendars, which may include the beer calendar, will launch throughout November and December.

Aldi had 20 calendars last year, which included anything from books to candles to candy to pet treats to coffee.

There are countless other brands joining in on the fun, too. Macmillan’s is creating a beauty advent calendar. Williams Sonoma is even releasing a Dolly Parton-themed calendar. Each day you open the little window to a treat curated by Dolly Parton herself.