Costco Employees Turn Heads After Claiming Customers Can Return Used Bedsheets and Dead Christmas Trees

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The coronavirus pandemic forced changes upon retail return policies. However, as 2021 slowly draws to a close and we leave earlier pandemic practices behind, certain retail companies promise an overly indulgent return policy. A viral TikTok recently revealed Costco’s return policy is surprisingly lenient.

With the advent of the popular social media platform, TikTok has given users insight to the workings behind some of our favorite retail and service brands and stores. These include a secret McDonald’s menu, instructions for Olive Garden’s famous breadsticks, and more.

However, the Costco TikTok shared by a supposed Costco employee, simply known as Hannah, as well as another supposed employee shared some of the store’s most interesting, albeit strange, refund items. The clips were titled, “Questions we get all the time at refunds.”

As far as retail goes, customer satisfaction is always key. It’s how brands maintain positive tradeoff and gain repeat customers. However, Costco’s refund policy extends a little more than many might deem acceptable. One example Hannah gives goes as follows: “I used these bedsheets for 5 years. Can I return it?”

The response? “Yes! U get a full refund.”

Other interesting examples include dead Christmas trees once the season is over, half-eaten pies, and more. FOX stated that since the video was first posted this weekend, it’s seen 2.9 million views.

And while Costco customers might appreciate the company’s generous return policy, viewers of the post had quite a lot to say. “My social anxiety could never,” stated one follower. “I’d be so embarrassed.” As would many Outsiders, or so I suspect.

Apparently, however, Costco does maintain some stricter standards. According to one Costco customer, “Costco also has the right to refund the person’s membership if they are abusing the return policy. My husband was warned.”

Costco Rolls Out Holiday Treats

While the holidays are fast approaching, Costco has taken the initiative to roll out some fan-favorite holiday items. These include both their popular beer advent calendar as well as their famous pumpkin pie.

For beer enthusiasts, the advent calendar makes a return to all Costco locations prior to the holidays. This year marks the seventh year the advent calendar hits shelves. Beer enthusiasts lucky enough to secure one of the advent calendars have the opportunity to sample 24 different beers throughout the month of December.

Additionally, while many traditional advent calendars feature knock-off brands, Costco’s advent calendar plans to feature a special collection of brews. Customers can expect 24 unique full-size cans of various German craft beers.

And for pie lovers, Costco released their famous pumpkin pies already, despite increased temperatures across the country a full two weeks into September. While we can’t pinpoint what exactly makes these pies so desirable, Costco fans simply agree they taste best.

Additionally, among labor shortages and general inflation, this year’s pies have increased in price by a full dollar. Regardless, the added month of the fall favorite provides pumpkin pie fans an extended opportunity to secure their favorite fall dessert.