Country Legend Marty Stuart Releasing Johnny Cash Inspired ‘I’ve Been Around’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Marty Stuart is honoring Johnny Cash, his close friend and former father-in-law, with a song inspired by the country icon’s music.

Stuart called the song “I’ve Been Around.”

The official Johnny Cash Instagram account announced the news, Monday. The account also revealed other new tracks to the album “Johnny Cash Forever Words.”

John Carter Cash, Johnny’s only son, talked about Stuart in the video posted on Instagram. He said that Stuart “connected with my father’s music, his style, and his passion just as much as anyone alive.”

Marty Stuart Was A Pro Musician At Age 12

Stuart and Cash go way back through the decades. Stuart joined Cash’s band in 1979. But although started his career in 1979 as a member of Cash’s backup band. Although he was only 21 when he joined Cash’s entourage, Stuart was a seasoned-musician.

When he was 12, Stuart played mandolin for a bluegrass gospel group. By 13, he dropped out of school and joined Lester Flatt and The Nashville Grass. By age 14, Stuart was playing with Flatt’s band on the Porter Wagoner Show.

“I felt like I had found my life,” Stuart said, according to “I felt like I had run away with the circus. But when school started . . . I hated it. I didn’t fit in anymore.”

Flatt died in 1978. So Stuart started playing guitar for Cash the next year.

Marty Stuart Played With Johnny Cash And Fell In Love With His Daughter

He fell in love with Cindy Cash, Johnny’s daughter, in the early 1980s. They got married in 1983 and divorced in 1988. Stuart and Conny Smith, a country star and member of the Grand Ole Opry, married in 1997.

In 1985, Stuart left Cash’s band to carve out a solo career. Stuart combined with Travis Tritt for his top-performing song, “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin.” That song hit No. 2 on the Hot Country Chart in early 1992.

Stuart owns five Grammys, with 16 nominations. And if you’ve ever seen Stuart in concert or performing on television, you know he has a distinct style. He likes his scarves.

Stuart always says that his main musical influences were Cash, Bill Monroe and Muddy Waters.

He’s also a country music historian and is believed to own the largest memorabilia collection. Marty’s vast collection of country music memorabilia is one of the biggest in country music. He’s loaned it to the Tennessee State Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Stuart is a perfect choice to sing a song inspired by Cash.