‘1883’ Actor Tim McGraw Drops Studly Looking Photo Standing on Gravel Road

by Suzanne Halliburton

Fans of Tim McGraw, you’ve got a party to attend. On Wednesday, the country superstar, who signed on with 1883, teased the release of a new music video.

McGraw posted on his Instagram account: “7500 OBO music video premieres this Friday at 5pm CT!! Can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. And stick around for the YouTube Premium-exclusive afterparty.”

No mention of 1883, but that’s OK. Click this link Friday so you can see McGraw’s vision for his new single. We noticed that he’s wearing his truck-driving clothes on Instagram as he poses on a rural gravel road, outside anywhere, small-town USA.

New Tim McGraw Song Is All About His Old Truck

Tim McGraw is hyping the music video of his song, 7500 OBO. It’s part of his Here on Earth album, which he released a year ago this month. For context, I Called Mama was the first single.

So what’s 7500 OBO about? It’s about as country pure as you can get. McGraw sings about how his lady wants him to sell his beloved blue 2006 Ford 150. There are too many good-time memories in the truck for Tim McGraw and his ex, so he’s selling it for $7,500 or best offer. (Warning, if a significant other wants you to sell a truck or get rid of a dog, sprint the other way).

The first verse:

“Got an ’06 stick-shift, dark blue F-150 in good condition. Got 119,000 miles, only five on the new transmission. It’s got leather seats, a sunroof. It’s sittin’ on 33s, it runs smooth. It’ll get ya from A to B, but not from me. ’Cause every time I turn that key, I see her.”

The trio of Matt McGinn, Jennifer Schott and Nathan Spicer wrote the new Tim McGraw song. There’s also a nod to a 1998 hit, Where the Green Grass Grows in the chorus.

1883 Announced Key Cast Members, Including McGraw and Hill

Meanwhile, Tim McGraw also was part of the big announcement made last week in regards to 1883. That’s the prequel to Yellowstone. McGraw, his wife, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott all will be part of the cast.

McGraw plays James Dutton, while Hill is his wife, Margaret Dutton. The show, which will be on Paramount+, answers the question — how did the present-day Duttons on Yellowstone get to Montana? The 1883 series will show how a group of brave settlers, looking to escape poverty, travel from Texas to Montana. Taylor Sheridan, who created Yellowstone, also is responsible for 1883.

Tim McGraw was ecstatic to announce his new role. He’s dabbled in movies throughout the year. But this probably is his most significant part to date. His past roles included parts in The Blindside and Friday Night Lights.

“This is truly a dream job,” Tim McGraw said of his new gig on 1883. “Taylor (Sheridan) has found a way of storytelling that brilliantly creates these epic dramas and family sagas with so much depth and creativity.

“The Duttons are tremendous characters,” he said. “And it’s so thrilling to be able to bring them to life. As a kid growing up riding horses, you think about dream jobs like this, and I am just so excited to work with this amazing cast and crew.”

So check out the new Tim McGraw song, hang out for the after-party. Stay tuned to Outsider for more 1883 details.