Alan Jackson Drops Three Awesome Facts on ‘How to Know’ if You’re at One of His Concerts

by Jonathan Howard

Folks, Alan Jackson continues to prove he is the coolest dude in country music. Back in May, Jackson dropped his first country album since 2015. Where Have You Gone features a lot of new, and some very personal songs for Jackson. That also means he is back out on the road playing live shows.

Since Alan Jackson is back out there touring around the country, he needed to remind people of some things. Over on Twitter, Jackson shared a photo of himself performing on stage. He has that classic mustache and a mischievous gleam in his eye. Jackson’s caption was simple and detailed exactly how you know if you are indeed at an Alan Jackson concert.

So, let’s run through a scenario. You wake up and find yourself surrounded by people. Don’t panic and just run through the list. Do you see any cowboy hats, cut-off shirts, and is it in fact, “Real County Music,” in those speakers? Well, my friend, you are lucky enough to have found yourself at an Alan Jackson concert.

One can’t help but notice that the last checkmark line is a bit of a jab. Although no one specific, is Jackson trying to tell us something? There is no doubt that there is somewhat of a divide in country music. There are the cranks who say nothing new is any good. In hip-hop, they are called “old heads”. Then there are those that blast the latest and newest country out there and never would play an old Hank song. Finally, there are the sane ones that know there’s good and bad throughout the decades. Who knows where Jackson stands on the topic, but it does seem like he’s hinting at something.

Alan Jackson Taking on 2021

When he isn’t making jokes and posting on Twitter, Alan Jackson is making 2021 his year. Not only has he released Where Have You Gone, but his return to the road is going to be one for the history books. His opening weekend in Colorado and Utah brought in huge crowds. After having to cancel the tour last year, Jackson is making it back to make up those shows on this tour.

So, really this has been about two years in the making, at least. Jackson is, of course, one of the best-known country music stars, ever. He dominated the 1990s with his many hits and continued that success into the 2000s. His look is as distinct as his sound and voice. Over the years he has let audiences know that living little bitty, being a redneck, and being a country boy are all perfectly fine. The latest album might be one of his best in a long time and catching him on tour is going to be a tough ticket to get. Look for dates at his website, here.