Alan Jackson Lounges in Classic Red Jeep in Iconic ‘Summertime Blues’ Post

by Samantha Whidden

For those who are not quite ready for cooler temperatures and leaves falling, country legend Alan Jackson has got you covered.

In his latest Twitter post, Alan Jackson shares a snapshot of him lounging in a classic red Jeep with the link of his single Summertime Blues. “When you got the #SummertimeBlue…” He captioned the tweet. 

Alan Jackson notably released the hit single Summertime Blues in 1994. It was recorded for his album, Who I Am. The song was number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Track chart and number four on the Bubbling under Home 100. 

Alan Jackson Opens Up About Coming Out of Semi-Retirement For ‘Where Have You Gone’ Album 

In a recent interview with Billboard, Alan Jackson revealed why he decided to come out of semi-retirement to record his new album Where Have You Gone. “I don’t like to talk about everybody else’s music. It’s not that it’s bad. Everyone likes what they like, and I like real country music.”

Jackson shared as part of his love for real country music, he really appreciates the fiddle, steel guitar, and substantive lyrics. “I feel like those ingredients are slowly disappearing. They’ve always come and gone, but there’s usually somebody who is making what Ic all real country music. It seems like it’s getting less and less…”

Jackson revealed that he doesn’t believe he’s the only musician who loves traditional country music either. But those who appreciate the type of music, are having a hard time getting their traditional tracks on the radio. 

“It reminds me of when I came here in the ‘80s. I was too country for country music. But I finally made it through,” Jackson recalled. He said that it all turned around when artists like Randy Travis made their debuts. 

“Somebody could break through again and maybe turns it around a little bit, but I bet it’s going to be kind of tough,” Jackson goes on.

Jackson Adds Songs About His Daughters in Latest Album

While also chatting with Billboard, Jackson shared details about the songs about his daughters in his latest album. “[Mattie] asked if I’d write her a father/daughter dance song and I said I’d try to. So I wrote ‘You’ll Always Be My Baby.’ I told all three [of my daughters], ‘Look, you all three are going to have to use this song. I don’t want to write three of them.’”

The other song that was added to the album about his daughters was ‘I Do.’ Jackson said that the song is kind of came out before his daughter Ali got married. “I wrote it and they said, ‘Let’s do a little recording and we’ll play it at Ali’s reception.’ I was going to put [the song] on there like bonus tracks on the end. Then [the label] said, ‘No, we want to put them up there in the regular mix.’”