Alan Jackson Celebrates National Dog Day with Old-School Photo with His Dog

by Clayton Edwards

Alan Jackson is proving that he knows how to handle social media. Today is National Dog Day. At the same time, it’s Throwback Thursday. So, instead of trying to pick which one to post about, Jackson decided to combine the two.

Earlier today, Alan Jackson posted a throwback photo of him kneeling beside a cute pooch. He’s petting his furry friend and sporting a big smile. As usual, AJ kept the caption of the photo short and sweet. “Happy #NationalDogDay!,” along with a dog emoji was all that needed to be said about the photo. Check out the post below.

Alan Jackson might be throwing it way back to 1990 on this one. The photo bears some similarities to the cover of Jackson’s debut studio album Here in the Real World. The mustache to mullet ratio checks out. At the same time, the hats are similar. However, the crowns have different creases. Then, there’s the black and white pooch. They look similar. Unfortunately, the pup on the album cover is blurry. So, it’s really hard to say, but the resemblance is definitely there. Maybe the above photo comes from before the album. On the other hand, Jackson may have owned several small black and white pups over the years. Either way, the photo he posted is adorable.

Alan Jackson’s Music Goes to the Dogs

There are several country songs about dogs. “Ol’ Red,” by George Jones, “Feed Jake,” by The Pirates of the Mississippi, and, more recently, “Sam” by Sturgill Simpson are great examples. Alan Jackson doesn’t have a song dedicated to dogs. However, his four-legged friends do come up in his lyrics from time to time.

For instance, Alan Jackson mentions dogs in his 2002 single “That’d Be Alright.” That song was the fourth single from Drive. Jackson sings “If my dear ol’ dog never got old / If the family farm never got sold / If another bad joke never got told / That’d be alright.”

Alan Jackson also mentioned canine companions in his chart-topping single, “Little Bitty,” back in 1996. It was the lead single from his album Everything I Love.

The tune is a celebration of living a simple yet happy life. Unsurprisingly, Alan Jackson mentions dogs in the first verse of the song.

Have a little love on a little honeymoon. / You got a little dish and you got a little spoon. / A little bitty house and a little bitty yard. / A little bitty dog and a little bitty car.

It’s clear that Alan Jackson knows all about how much having a pup around can improve one’s life. However, that’s a two-way street. National Dog Day isn’t just a celebration of our dogs. It was created to draw attention to the numerous dogs in shelters who need homes. So, if you have room in your family and budget, go down to your local shelter and give some little bitty dog a brand new home.