Alan Jackson Poses with Young Fan and Entertains Massive Crowd in Epic Photos from Oklahoma Concert

by Jonathan Howard

Back out on the road again, Alan Jackson has been on stage playing for thousands. He is fresh off releasing his first studio album in a number of years and has been eager to be back on tour. Jackson is always going to be up for a show. So, fans in Oklahoma and Missouri were treated to a couple of great performances.

While an Alan Jackson concert is always going to be great. However, being brought up on stage is a bucket list item for many fans. That dream was realized by one little fan. Always one to put on a great show, the country artist spotted a young fan with a sign. That sign said that it was the boy’s first concert, so Jackson brought him up on stage for a photo.

Look at the fan smiling with Jackson along with some other great photos from Tulsa and Springfield this weekend.

In the post, Jackson thanked fans. “Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend and helped us bring country back to Tulsa, OK, and Springfield, MO!” the post read.

While there are so many things to get down about, having a Good Time with Alan Jackson isn’t one of them. Really, there isn’t another artist as iconic as he is. With his mustache and cowboy hat, he has entertained so many over the years.

As a very patriotic American, there was likely word on the recent news in Afghanistan. He has so many songs that celebrate the military and of course, his song Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) following 9/11 was a hit with many fans. The third picture in the collection looks to be during a performance of that song.

Alan Jackson Honored Charley Pride

Recently, the best in country music came together to celebrate the late Charley Pride. There were a number of performances in conjunction with the CMT Giants special. One of those artists was Alan Jackson, and his performance was wonderful.

Performing Charley Pride’s hit, Where Do I Put Memory? The 1979 hit topped the charts and gave Pride his 21st number one. Alan Jackson has great range and his low, somber voice fits the song perfectly. It was a fitting tribute to the late Pride. It was a huge loss to the country music world when he passed last year with complications from COVID-19.

An older man than he used to be, the wisdom and somberness of Jackson’s performance were on full display. He is truly one of the best performers in the genre even still. There isn’t much that he can’t sing or perform when it comes to country tunes. Was there any doubt that the performance was going to be good?

The entire presentation from CMT and the artists involved made for a memorial that honored Pride’s legacy and memory. There will never be another like him, and there will never be another Alan Jackson.