Aussie Duo Seaforth Shares Universal Message of Heartbreak With New Single, ‘Breakups’

by Matthew Wilson

Neither Mitch Thompson nor Tom Jordan of the duo Seaforth imagined when they first met each other that they would one day be playing in Music City. But then again, toddlers don’t often dream of being country music stars. And their hometown of Seaforth, Australia—hence their duo’s name—was definitely more than just a hop and a scotch from the grandeur of Nashville.

But somehow, these two lifelong friends are living out their dreams. Seaforth has a new single, “Breakups,” tearing it up online with 20 million on-demand streams. And Thompson and Jordan are on their way to becoming one of country music’s hottest tag-team acts.

“It all started in the sandpit,” Mitch Thompson tells Outsider in an exclusive interview. He’s joking of course, but he’s more than a little right. Long before they were bandmates, they were just mates. Thompson and Jordan didn’t realize they wanted to be country stars until they started performing together at 18 or 19.

“Sometimes, we forget to remember because we’ve been friends for so long that we are both here now after 20 plus years of being friends,” Tom Jordan says. “Us living in Nashville following our dream is wild. I think it shows hopefully in our music and in our personality too. When you see us perform live, there’s an energy between Mitch and me as friends that you can’t fake. It’s pretty special to be sharing this whole thing with essentially your brother.”

Hell of a Swim

When you think of Australian country music stars, there’s no one bigger than Keith Urban. Seaforth is trying to follow in the footsteps of their idol. Mitch and Tom are the latest Australian imports to take the country music world by storm. When asked about coming from Australia to Nashville, Mitch jokes, “Man, it’s a hell of a swim.”

“I was going to say it was a long canoe ride,” Tom says, with a laugh. But it’s been challenging for the duo, even without a global pandemic, to be so far away from home. “The hardest challenge was just leaving home. I think a lot of people understand that feeling but not a lot of people understand being literally on the other side of the world.”

But Nashville these days is starting to feel a little more like home. Tom says Urban paved the way for Australians like them to pursue country music. And more and more musicians are making the swim. But it’s hard to replicate the musical chemistry between Tom and Mitch. That’s what makes them unique.

Seaforth’s Homecoming

Just take Seaforth’s new single, “Breakups,” which they co-wrote with Liz Rose and Cameron Bedell.

Inspired by Tom’s real-life breakup, the tune finds Seaforth at their most vulnerable. The two trade in the lightness of party jams for something more melancholic and tender. The duo comment on the universal feeling of heartbreak and letting go of someone you love.

“I think that’s the most special thing about it. That reaction is why we do music,” Mitch says. “That’s the first time we’ve been that vulnerable in a song I think. Immediately, you see people relating to that. You get people messaging you this is helping me through my breakup or I just got divorced. It’s universal, everyone experiences these things at some point in their lives.”

In many ways, Seaforth’s music has brought them full circle, back to Australia now as country music stars. Last December, the duo got to open for Keith Urban at the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, playing for thousands including their families. Not bad for two kids from Seaforth.