Billy Ray Cyrus Opens Up to Kelly Clarkson About Creating Multi-Platinum Track ‘Old Town Road’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Billy Ray Cyrus believes that his appearance this past week on the Kelly Clarkson Show might be the precursor of something new.

That’s because the last time he appeared on the couch with Clarkson, the “Old Town Road” singer was naive to what was about to happen to the world.

Hint: it was the Covid 19 pandemic shutdown. He thinks returning to the Clarkson show means he’s come “full circle.”

“It’s been crazy, you’re right,” Cyrus told Clarkson. “It was the last little bit of normal that I recall. I left your couch and did a Vegas show with Neil Diamond and Sammy Hagar. I caught a Southwest flight to Nashville the next morning. By the time I landed, the whole world had changed.”

Cyrus said the last time he was with Clarkson, “Old Town Road,” was 10 times platinum. Now, he says its 13 times.

Billy Ray Cyrus Says Old Town Road is Song of Normal, of 2019

Cyrus said he thinks the song continues to sell so well because it reminds folks of 2019. While 2019 might not have been really special overall, we also know it was the last full year of blissful, naive normal.

“We’re all starting brand new again,” Cyrus said. “And you’re right. We all love “Old Town Road. When we hear it, we go back to 2019. I know I do. I loved 2019.

“I’m looking forward to 2021.”

There still are Covid restrictions, as positive tests start to spike again. Cyrus’ appearance on Clarkson’s show actually was a remote interview. That’s been the norm of 2020.

Rapper Lil Nas X tweeted in December 2018, that he’d love Cyrus to help him remix “Old Town Road.” By March, Cyrus heard the song. The remix was released in April.

The country rap song topped the “Billboard” Hot 100 chart for a record 19 straight weeks.

Lil Nas X was a fan of Cyrus’ after watching him on “Hannah Montana.” That’s the show that made Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray’s daughter, famous. Last March, Billy Ray Cyrus talked about how he got together with Lil Nas X.

Despite the pandemic, Cyrus has cranked out music.

He released “The Singin’ Hill Sessions – Sunset in January. Then earlier this month, Cyrus released “The Singin’ Hill Sessions-Mohave.” His first song is a country redo of LL Cool J’s hip hop classic “Mama Says Knock You Out.”