Billy Ray Cyrus Posts ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ Submissions, Encourages More to Make Videos

by Jon D. B.

Billy Ray Cyrus is absolutely loving these fan submissions for his “Mama Said Knock You Out” TikTok challenge – and wants to see even more.

“These are amazing!!!” Cyrus raves over his fans. The country icon is posting submission after submission on Twitter and wants others to follow him on the social media platform so they can submit more. The challenge at hand? “Keep tagging me in your #MamaSaidKnockYouOut TikToks! I love them!” he adds.

The hilarious challenge comes from Cyrus’ brand new album release, “The Singin’ Hill Sessions – Mojave”.

“It’s kinda a full circle moment of my life, the music, the songs, musicianship and it’s called “Mojave” since we did most of the tracks in the Mojave Desert,” the country legend says of his latest tracks on YouTube.

In addition, Cyrus spoke to Rolling Stone on the song and his decision to cover LL Cool J’s iconic rap classic.

“I’ve always loved that song,” Cyrus says, “as well as fellow Kentucky native, Muhammad Ali. And just the concept of persistence and believing in yourself. Countrifying it was a joy and I feel like this song is the next segment of my circle following ‘Old Town Road.’”

TikTok Fans Go All Out for Billy Ray Cyrus

In the first TikTok Cyrus posts, user Will Hartzell goes absolutely ham on a few dead trees we’re hoping are on his own property.

The next entry, however, is far more adorable, courtesy of this little Billy Ray Cyrus fan:

This tiny fan, too, is having a blast with Cyrus’ challenge:

Perhaps the best entry, however, comes from the following “Mama Vibes”. Within, an older fan of Cyrus’ shows that age is but a number as she gets down with more style and vibe than all other combined:

And then… well and then there’s this submission. Good for him, though, that Cyrus still shared it?

Listen to “Mama Said Knock You Out”

If you’ve yet to give the full song a listen, we’ve got you covered. And if you do it for no other reason – do it to wipe the taste of that last TikTok from your mouth…

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