Billy Ray Cyrus Posts Moving Message to Folks Affected by ‘Devastating’ Kentucky Floods

by Samantha Whidden

Following the devastating flooding that impacted thousands in Kentucky, country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus posts a moving message to those affected by the natural disaster. 

“Praying for Eastern Kentucky and all those impacted by the devastating flooding,” Billy Ray Cyrus declared. He also encouraged those who can help those in need to contact the American Red Cross.

The organization posted a video of the devastation the flood left behind. “This is what the situation in Eastern Kentucky looks like. People are without power or water, and with temperatures are expected to rise this week. Red Cross volunteers are on the ground providing care, and our hearts are with everyone who has been impacted.”

Billy Ray Cyrus fans took to the social media post to share their support and prayers with the flood victims. “So sad prayers goes out to the people of Eastern Kentucky,” one fan wrote. Another shared, “This is devastating news Billy Ray. My heart, thoughts, [and] prayers goes out to all the people in Eastern Kentucky during this difficult time.”

As Billy Ray Cyrus Encourages Followers to Help Flood Victims, Kentucky Governor Delivers Devastating News

Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear confirmed on Monday (August 1st) that the death toll has increased to 35 and hundred of Eastern Kentucky residents continue to remain unaccounted for since the flood occurred less than a week ago. According to various reports, another up to four inches of rain fell on Sunday and the National Weather Service has warned that slow-moving showers and thunderstorms could potentially cause more flash flooding through Tuesday (August 2nd). 

“If things weren’t hard enough on the people of this region, they’re getting rain right now,” the Kentucky Governor declared. He also said high winds are a big concern as well. “It could knock over poles, it could knock over trees. So people need to be careful.”

The Governor then shared that a heatwave is another factor in the situation. “It’s even going to get tougher when the rain stops. We need to make sure people are ultimately stable by that point.”

Chris Campbell, President of Letcher Funeral Home, further stated that he is beginning to handle burial arrangements for the flooding victims. “These people, we know most of them. We’re a small community. It affects everybody.” 

The funeral home president also said it’s hard to explain the magnitude of such a loss to the communities in Eastern Kentucky. “I don’t know how to explain it or what to say, to be completely honest,” he continued. He then noted he can’t imagine what the victims are going through. “I don’t think there really are our words for it.”