Billy Ray Cyrus Remembers Classic Magazine Cover on ‘Mullet Monday’

by Madison Miller

There’s nothing quite like the mullet. There’s also no one quite like Billy Ray Cyrus.

It’s a whole lot of business in the front, with slicked back, smooth hair to show off. Then just as they walk away from you, it’s suddenly a whole lot of party in the back. From the back is a long, wavy hair tucked behind the ears kind of look.

Similar to the fish with the same name, finding someone with a mullet is quite the catch.

Cyrus, perhaps the king of mullets himself, is trying to make mullets cool again. He posted a photo on Twitter from an old “Country Music” magazine that has his mullet on full-display.

There is no one else who has made it more abundantly clear that “I Want My Mullet Back,” than Billy Ray Cyrus.

This isn’t the only time Cyrus has tweeted under the #MulletMonday. In fact, if you search under the hashtag it’s pretty much owned by Cyrus himself.

One fan even commented referring to Cyrus as “The Mullet Man.”

He recently came out with a new EP “Mama Said Knock You Out” and of course had to celebrate that on a Monday for maximum mullet appreciation. The EP puts a country spin on this LL Cool J song.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ most recent work is “The Singin’ Hills Sessions- Mojave” where he covers artists like Sam Smith and LL Cool J.

While it may seem like Cyrus is sporting a dead look, the mullet isn’t going anywhere. Maybe because it never really left at all.

In fact, many women are also beginning to sport the versatile and minimum effort style. According to Insider, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus (like father, like daughter), Maisie Williams, Rihanna, and Cara Delevingne have all sported this classic ’70s and ’80s look.

Athletes like David Beckham, Troy Tulowitzki, and Randy Johnson also sported this iconic hairstyle.

The recent Netflix show “Tiger King” also boosted the hairstyle. Joe Exotic’s hair wasn’t too exotic at all.