Billy Ray Cyrus Wishes Dolly Parton a Happy Birthday With ‘Hannah Montana’ Throwback Photo

by Madison Miller

Billy Ray Cyrus is the throwback king. From his #MulletMonday photos to priceless photos of his kids, he knows how to make fans yearn for the past. Now, on Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday, he’s wishing his longtime friend a happy birthday with a throwback “Hannah Montana” photo.

Dolly Parton as a Guest on ‘Hannah Montana’

The photo is of an early episode of Miley Cyrus’ show, “Hannah Montana,” where Miley Cyrus first got her fame as a singer and actress.

Dolly Parton was an occasional guest on the show. She played the role of “Aunt Dolly.” She appeared periodically from 2006 to 2010.

Fittingly, she was Hannah’s godmother. Dolly Parton is also Cyrus’ godmother in real life. On the show, she was a Nashville native who lived with Uncle Pete, who never appeared on the show. She was in her first episode in 2006 titled, “Good Golly Miss Dolly” and her last was in a 2010 episode called “Kiss it all Goodbye.”

Dolly has talked about her role in the show, as well as her role in Miley Cyrus’ life, in the past.

She once said, “I’m famous now ’cause I’m Hannah Montana’s Aunt Dolly. Little kids just see me in the street and just point — ‘Aunt Dolly!’ or ‘Hi, Aunt Dolly!’ — and it’s just been so cute.”

As her godmother, Parton was proud of Cyrus for landing her new huge role.

“Well, when ‘Hannah Montana’ came on the air and little Miley Cyrus, my little goddaughter, was the star of it, I was so proud of her. I thought she was sensational. I thought ‘What a great little comedian she is’ and what a great little actress and of course she’s a great singer. But she was so perfect in that spot,” she said in a Vanity Fair interview.

Dolly Parton got more attention from younger audiences after her appearances on the hit Disney Channel show. She has Miley Cyrus to thank for that. It was Cyrus who allegedly convinced Disney executives to let Parton on a few shows. The two have always had a strong bond that they have showcased and talked about on their platforms.

“And she told them that, you know, she said ‘I want my Aunt Dolly on here’ (she calls me Aunt Dolly) and she so she said ‘I want her on the show,” Parton said.

The Real Hannah Montana?

There was a theory going on around TikTok that Dolly Parton is kind of the real-life version of Hannah Montana.

The idea behind it is that Parton has her wig and her signature costume she wears out. However, she can leave without these things and be unrecognizable by the public.

This can allow her to live “the best of both worlds” with a more normal life outside of the public eye.

The idea for the show was in production and Miley Cyrus had to audition for it along with other people. So it is very unlikely it had anything to do with Parton, however, the connection between Cyrus and her godmother is entertaining.

Parts of it do make sense, as well. Many fans from her hometown have seen her and not known it was her. Many say you really don’t know until you hear her voice or her laugh.

Regarding her appearance, she told Elle, “I don’t always wear them in my daily life, but I always still pouf up my hair. I still like to have that flashy hair. When I’m around home, I wear my little scrunchies, but I always put on some makeup and fix my own hair as cute as I can fix it.”

Happy birthday to the iconic Aunt Dolly.

H/T: Buzzfeed