Blake Shelton Charges ‘The Voice’ Coaches With Explaining What Makes Them ‘A Little Bit Country’

by Jon D. B.

Blake Shelton knows “we’re all a little bit country,” and he’s tweeting out a video showing the proof from his fellow “The Voice” coaches, to boot.

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… we’re all a little bit country!” Blake Shelton wants to know what makes his fans feel the country within. And he’s not stopping there.

In his latest Twitter post, the “Voice” host and country megastar is living it up for his home genre. And he wants the fans – and fellow “Voice” hosts – in on the fun, too. “Y’all RT this and tell me what makes you a little bit country. The other coaches get to go first!”

Fans, however, won’t have to wait for fellow “Voice” coaches to tweet back. Instead, Shelton posts a video comprising interviews with each answering just that: “What makes you a little bit country?”

Blake Shelton Poses Country Question to Fellow Voice Coaches

First up to answer Shelton’s question is perhaps the only other fans may associate with the genre. Texan southerner Kelly Clarkson has dabbled in the genre herself, and according to the American Idol superstar-turned pop sensation, she grew up living for it.

“I grew up on country music!” Kelly Clarkson begins. “I really love country music – especially female country music singers. And the country music I grew up on definitely teeter that line of contemporary where people outside of country music really appreciate the music and fell in love with it. Went to their tours [too].

“I feel like 90’s country – women artists, specifically, they opened up the door for people to listen to country music that maybe hadn’t heard it before.”

Next up is Blake Shelton’s fiance, Gwen Stefani. While it may come as a surprise to those who don’t follow her career, Stefani has topped the country charts not once – but twice. And she’s quick to point it out to hopeful country auditioners on the show.

“Now that I’ve had two songs in the country lane, and I’ve been around country music for five years now – I feel like I’ve learned so much!” Stefani states with a smile. “I’m a Ska girl from southern California – but my first concert I ever went to was an Emmylou Harris concert,” she adds.

“Then,” she points to Blake Shelton… “My boyfriend,” making the country star laugh along with the audience.

For coach John Legend, however, the question comes with a smirk and a bit more of a challenge.

“I’ve always said I would figure out how to coach a country artist,” Legend smiles. “I’m a quick learner, I know music, and I know what sounds good.” After winning over a country contestant, Legend is ecstatic. In turn, he celebrates with “Welcome to The Voice – home of country music!”

Shelton Dishes on the Country Aspects of Himself & The Voice

“Country music is my life,” Shelton says in an excerpt from the show. “It was years before I was a coach on this show. And God willing, it’ll be what I do when this show ends.”

And for Shelton – who truly lives and breathes the genre, country music is all he wants to do.

“Country music is all I want to do, and that’s the reason I’m a coach on The Voice. I get to be a country singer and be able to pass along things that I’ve learned along the way that I probably would’ve just taken to the grave with me.”

There’s no signs of Shelton slowing down, either. The star has a new country song out now with group Shenandoah, which fans are already loving.

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