Blake Shelton Says One of ‘The Voice’ Coaches ‘Trashed’ His Album

by Jacklyn Krol

Blake Shelton believes that one coach accidentally trashed his album.

In an interview with People to promote the new season of The Voice, the country crooner revealed which fellow coach crushed his dreams. Back in 2016, Shelton released If I’m Honest while Grande released her record Dangerous Woman. His “dreams were destroyed” from the chart wars.

“I released the album, and I had some momentum going at that point musically,” Shelton recalled. “I was excited thinking that this might be my chance to have the No. 1 album in the country.”

Unfortunately, his dream didn’t happen. He was second runner-up to her record on the all-genre chart. However, he did manage to get the No. 1 country album that week.

“Literally, I may as well have released a coaster of a CD,” Shelton joked. “You trashed my album!”

Fellow The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson added, “I think I’m smart enough to steer clear of her releases.”

Then Shelton told Grande that he could forgive her for not “squashing my release dates.” Grande joked that she will be putting out a cover of If I’m Honest.

Grande and Shelton have become fast friends on the show. Blake Shelton believes that this is because they have bonded over tormenting Clarkson.

Our bond has been that we both make fun of Kelly,” Shelton concluded.

Blake Shelton Missed Out…

Father son duo on Team Ariana, Jim and Sasha Allen discussed their journey on the show and working with the pop songstress.

“It’s just such a wild ride, it’s been amazing,” Sasha told The Hartford Courant. “Every part of it has been so much fun, even the nerve-wracking parts.”

They first learned of the opportunity when they received an email about open auditions for the show in April 2020. They submitted a video and moved on to the next round to submit a second one. When they went to the blinds, Grande and Clarkson turned for them.

“The thing about your voices together, the harmonies were so perfectly knit and peaceful that it really transported me, I felt like I was at Woodstock or something,” Grande gushed.

They were both surprised that she turned around for their soulful roots performance.

“Aside from even being a coach, [Grande is] so much fun, and she’s truly a really funny and down-to-earth person who just radiates kindness, and we love her,” Sasha added.

Sasha really believes in the idea of The Voice and not being able to see a person and just judging them based on their talent.

“I think it’s a really beautiful concept,” Sasha shared. “It’s a statement about not judging people for what they’ve gone through or who they are, and just listening to what they have to offer.”

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