Blake Shelton Shares Message of Gratitude on Veterans Day 2020

by Thad Mitchell

Country Music Star Blake Shelton joins the growing list of celebrities and public figures thanking the country’s veterans. Shelton took to social media Wednesday morning to show love for servicemen and women.

“Thankful for those who have served,” he tweets. “Grateful for y’all not only today but every day.”

Blake’s father, Richard and, was a veteran passed away in January 2012 at the age of 71. At the 2018 People Choice Awards, Shelton honored his father sporting a red, white, and blue ribbon on the lapel of his suit jacket.

Blake won the 2018 Favorite Country Music Artist award at the People Choice Awards Ceremony. Upon receiving the award, he told the audience the meaning of his patriotic ribbon.

“Thank you to the people. I tell you the longer I do this the more credibility I give to fan voted awards,” Shelton said. “I’m wearing this tonight in honor of my dad who is a veteran. Thank you to all the Veterans out there.”

Shelton Joins Many Others Celebrating Veterans Day

Many music artists and public figures are using social media today to thank members of the armed forces. Veterans Day is observed every year on November 11. Here are some other notable people taking to social media to say “thank you” to the men and women serving our country.

“Happy Veterans Day to all the incredible men and women who have served our country to preserve our freedoms and to fight for liberty,” Donald Trump Jr. tweets. “Thank you for your service.”

“Eternally grateful for the courage, sacrifice and dedication of all who serve,” Tim McGraw writes. “Thank you to my family members and all of you out there who I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years!”

“To all of our nation’s veterans, I am grateful for all of YOU,” Actor Gary Sinise writes. “Thank you for your service!”