WATCH: Brad Paisley Concert Crashed by Drunk & Shirtless ‘Older Brother’ Will Ferrell in 2018

by Matthew Wilson

Most country music fans probably didn’t realize Brad Paisley and Will Ferrell are brothers. Okay, they’re not actually related to each other. But they did play squabbling siblings for one hilarious evening.

Back in 2018, the country artist was holding a benefit concert at the Los Angeles’ Greek Theater. And he needed help from a couple of friends including the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith.

The concert was to raise awareness and benefit the charity Cancer for College. The charity supports cancer survivors looking to pursue higher education through a number of scholarships and grants.

As part of the concert, Paisley decided to try his hand at some songs he never tackled publicly before. Leaving the country genre in his rearview, Paisley performed covers of songs like Eric Clapton’s “Layla” and Prince’s “Purple Rain” to name two.

“Let’s get Brad Paisley out of his comfort zone tonight. I’m going to play some stuff you may never hear me play again for good reason,” Paisley said. “I know this is what they’re going to be saying tomorrow, ‘He should have never done that.'”

Brad Paisley Teamed Up with Will Ferrell

But the most outrage moment of the evening came when Paisley‘s “older brother” Gary came for a visit. Cue, a shirtless, mullet-wearing, beer-drinking Will Ferrell. The comedian hit the stage as Paisley’s disgruntled older brother, slightly jealous of the country singer’s fame.

“Are you excited to hear Brad Paisley? I’m his older brother Gary Paisley,” Ferrell said. “Thanks Brad for not leaving me a ticket tonight, but I got in anyway. Anyways, that’s my younger brother. Despite our estrangement, I’m still very proud of him. He never lets me sing a song but whatever.”

In a hilarious moment, Ferrell revealed he had to fight off Paisley’s security to get to the stage. “Do you know what it’s like getting tackled by 30 bodyguards?”

But Paisley did let Ferrell hop on the mic, and well, the comedian probably shouldn’t quit his day job. The duo did make for a hilarious night of entertainment. Perhaps, they should star in a comedy together.

“Last night, my older brother Gary Paisley made a rare appearance…he’s a little off,” Paisley wrote after the show.