Brantley Gilbert Dishes on His 2020 Quarantine Project: A Man Cave

by Matthew Wilson

Brantley Gilbert has kept himself busy this year. He’s been working on a dream project that’s sure to be the envy of husbands and boyfriends everywhere – a man cave.

For nine years, Gilbert has been wanting to renovate his home garage into a personal hangout spot. But, with music and touring, he never had the time to focus on the project. Cue a global pandemic, and this year Gilbert has had more time on his hands than he knew what to do with.

The singer admitted he wanted to make the garage perfect.

“It’s been a long process and it’s evolved a lot,” Gilbert told People. “I’m a little bit OCD, and I like to be very organized. So I really just wanted a place of my own where I knew where everything was. And I’m out of my wife’s hair.”

Whereas his wife Amber designed much of their house, Gilbert put his own personal touches on the garage. It’s his baby so to speak. Gilbert said the house has a rustic feel, but his garage was inspired by motorcycles. The garage features black and silver tones, a checkerboard floor pattern, and an arrangement of motorsports vehicles.

“Up here, it’s biker, hot rod racing,” Gilbert said. “It’s a man cave-slash-showroom-slash-anything you can think of.”

Brantley Gilbert Envisioned the Space As a Hangout Spot

Brantley Gilbert named his personal space the Dawg House in case he ever gets on the bad side of his wife in an argument.

“I thought the Dawg House was a cool name. But also some of the guys will say, ‘Well if you do screw up. And get kicked out of the house of a minute…'” Gilbert jokingly recounted. “In the South, we call that ‘getting put in the dog house,’ so now there is an actual Dawg House where they can come stay.”

He’s also envisioned the space as a hang out spot for him and his friends. He built bunk beds in the garage so his friends can come crash whenever they want as well.

“I drew this place out on little grid paper, and before I knew it, all the guys came down and they brought it to life with their spin on things,” he said. “Looking up at everything, I remember who did the trim around the bathroom door, who helped hang up the entertainment system — and any time one of the guys comes over, if they see something that’s not right, they go over to the tool cabinet and they fix it. It’s an ongoing project, but I’m more proud of it than anything because it’s something we built together.”

Outsider Premiered Acoustic Video in ‘Dawg House’

In fact, earlier this year, exclusively debuted Gilbert’s ‘Them Boys’ acoustic video, shot from his Dawg House. Watch the video here: