Brantley Gilbert Honors Veterans with ‘Gone But Not Forgotten Music Video

by Courtney Blackann

With Veteran’s Day quickly approaching, country music artist Brantley Gilbert is showing his love for those who’ve served and sacrificed. His September release of the song “Gone But Not Forgotten,” now has a video that go along with his patriotic lyrics.

The musician shared the release with a message about honoring veterans and their courageous efforts to protect our country.

“With Veterans Day around the corner, it felt right to honor all those who have served with an official music video for Gone But Not Forgotten,” Gilbert says.

The video is a cinematic delight, highlighting Arlington National Cemetery, scenes of red, white and blue and lots of family and friends in the background.

“And here’s to all the some-gave-alls
The ones that done come home
The ones that do, those 22
That died fightin’ the same damn war
Gone but not forgotten
All those memories, we got ’em,” the lyrics say.

Brantley Gilbert on Always Being Patriotic

Further, the country star is known for being patriotic in the best ways. He also released another song in 2014 which honored veterans. “One Hell of an Amen” is another song that honors American heroes who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Additionally, the Georgia native originally dedicated his latest song to the 13 Americans recently killed in Afghanistan, saying he hoped it offered some comfort.

“Now that the song is released,” Gilbert said, “I hope it helps to ease some of the pain and heartbreak for more folks out there that could use it.”

In addition to being a very patriotic person, Gilbert has a really strong perspective on the father-son relationship. He spoke about it in a recent interview.

“I come from a long line of old school folks. My dad‘s old school. He got it from my paw paw,” Gilbert said in a statement, via his record label Big Machine Records. “And I won’t go too far in-depth on any of that, but he’s just old school, man. I definitely hope that’s something my son gets. I think it’s safe to say I got it…love my dad. He means the world to me.”

Further, because the country star is also a father, he wants to pass down some of those ‘old school’ traits to his own children.

“I kinda follow their lead a lot of times. My little boy, he’s three, I bought him a T-ball set, a bucket of balls and stuff,” Gilbert told the outlet. “And he’ll key into it and he’ll hit for about maybe a minute, and then he’s off to something else. And my little girl’s much the same way. At one and three, I’m still kinda following them, letting them do their thing and kinda seeing how I fit into their world a little bit, I guess… I’ve been a lot of things in my life. I’ve been a biker, a singer, just a lot of things, but being a dad is by far my favorite thing that I’ve ever been.”