Brett Eldredge Used a Flip Phone, Polaroid Camera in ‘Reflective’ New Album-Making Process

by Halle Ames

Imagine going completely off the grid. All you have is a flip phone, a polaroid camera, and a journal. Sounds tough, right? Well, Brett Eldredge did just this to make his new album.

Country music star Brett Eldredge visited the Kelly Clarkson Show looking quite dapper to talk about his new album, Sunday Drive. The 34-year-old Illinois native decided to check out from social media and take some time to finish writing this album.

Sunday Drive is Eldredge’s fifth studio album and also the first album he has made in three years.

He says this process made him “reflective of life.”

“So just doing stuff like that really made me, you know, reflective of life- where I was and where I am and where I want to go with it. Slow it down. There is never a moment for yourself.”

Brett Eldredge Goes Off the Grid

Eldredge says that he took such drastic steps because he wanted to find himself and get off social media.

“I was heavily on all this social media and everything and just constantly on my phone, and I was just like, I gotta just step away from everything, take some time for myself. I got a flip phone, I mean, straight up hang up on somebody and close it. You know, make a point. It just really made me kind of focus on myself for a while and just kind of figure out what I wanted to say. Who I wanted to be.”

Not only did Brett Eldredge use a flip phone, but he also purchased a polaroid camera to make sure each one counted, and he wouldn’t waste film trying to be perfect.

“I started journaling a lot more. I got a polaroid camera, was taking photos. Actually making every one count. Every picture wasn’t perfect, you know when you have a phone you take four thousand pictures, and you pick one, it’s like, polaroid, you’ve got to make that moment count.”

Sunday Drive was released on July 10, 2020. The lead single for the album is titled “Gaberiella.” In addition, the album peaked on the US Billboard Top Country Albums at number five and on the US Billboard 200 list at 42.