Brett Eldredge Jokes That His ‘Influencer’ Dog Has Retired From Social Media

by Madison Miller

Brett Eldredge is still very much in the spotlight. However, he is retiring his influencer pup from the tiring spotlight.

Eldredge’s dog, Elgar, is still going stronger than ever, so there’s nothing to worry about in that sense.

Edgar Retires from the Spotlight

However, if seeing little Edgar brightened your day, you may want to seek out a new celebrity dog,

In an interview on “The Bobby Bones Show,” Eldredge answered a series of questions about himself. One of which had to do with his dog and why his furry greatness hasn’t been plastered all over his social media like before.

“He’s at home. He retired from the spotlight. People think he’s not alive anymore but no, I’m with him all the time,” Eldredge said.

For Edgar, being an influencer dog really just got to his head. Only caring about posting and getting followers,the drama took a toll on Eldredge.

“I don’t have anybody else with me, so it’s good to have Ed. Ya know? Edgar recently retired from the spotlight, so he is just my pup now. I get more time with him now that he isn’t trying to post pictures and stuff. It’s been really nice,” he said.

Between blowing people away in the “Love Someone” video and being cute, Edgar has a busy schedule.

Fans of Eldredge became die-hard fans of his partner-in-crime as well. At concerts, fans hold up signs of Edgar, who accompanies him on tour. So when fans have in the past gotten to see the Weimaraner/Vizla mix being sung to sleep, that’s going to be hard to let go of.

Brett Eldredge Embodies Christmas

On the show, Bones crowned Eldredge as the country artist who is most synonymous with Christmas time. The crew discussed other possibilities being artists like Kacey Musgraves.

It may even be because Eldredge gives off some pretty strong Michael Bublé vibes.

He reveals that he owns 12 tuxedos and has been learning to play the piano during quarantine.

“I started taking lessons around last year and then he helped me some. Repetition, repetition, [because] I don’t read music,” he said.

The Christmas king also performed “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on the show. The tux wearing country singer has also performed “Under the Mistletoe” with Kelly Clarkson as well.