Brett Eldredge Reveals When He Knew He Had an ‘Old Soul’

by Halle Ames

Country artist Brett Eldredge joins Kelly Clarkson to reveal the moment when he realized he had an “old soul.”

Brett Eldredge is Old At Heart

Some of us are older at heart than others, but 34-year-old Brett Eldredge takes that to a new level with his recent memory of his Christmas as a child. When Bing Crosby’s deep voice filled his speakers with the classic song, ‘White Christmas,‘ he knew it was that time of the year again.

“That’s the song. The cassette, so my dad had the cassette back in the day. Oh, you go to the glove compartment, it’s about, you know, November, around right now and just open that glove compartment, and there’s Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas.'”

Brett Eldredge says at that moment, he realized he was an “old soul.”

“I popped it in there as a little kid, and I’m listening to this old man sing his heart out, and it’s just like, that I think when I got my old soul. I feel like I’ve had an old soul, and that’s when I started loving the Christmas music, and the magic of it, and Bing Crosby just did it for me.”

Kelly Clarkson Loves ‘White Christmas’

Kelly Clarkson agrees but has another artist that put her in the holiday spirit.

“Okay, so mine was not only Bing Crosby, but Rosemary Clooney because they were both in ‘White Christmas.’ I was crazy obsessed.”

Brett Eldredge also adds that ‘White Christmas’ is “probably his favorite movie.”

Alright, Brett, we have the wine. You have the popcorn. Let’s make this happen. We have been meaning to catch us on our Christmas classics.

Also, on this episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show, Eldredge says that he went off the grid to write his new album, Sunday Drive. All the artist brought with him was a flip phone, a polaroid camera, and a journal. That’s one way to stay dedicated and get your work done. Read more about his experience with that here.