Brian Kelley Opens up About Anxiety Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Keeli Parkey

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley says he isn’t immune to the anxiety many others are feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent talk with his record label, Kelley opened up about his worries, according to Fox News. The good news – he is learning to cope with it along with bandmate, Tyler Hubbard. The key to coping, he says, is physical fitness.

“I think we both have found a lot of peace of mind and body and soul and everything in exercise, workin’ out, yoga, trying to stay active,” Kelley told his record label per “Definitely think that helps out with worrying and just getting, maybe a little anxious.” 

“I used to beat myself up about worrying some, and I’ve gotten better about it, but I think when you’re thankful for the things you have and the things that matter there is a little bit of a good worry because you don’t want to lose that,” he also said.

Brian Kelly Offers Advice for Others Struggling With Similar Struggles

Brian Kelley also has advice for fans who might be struggling with anxiety during these difficult times. “You wanna keep working hard. But when you get that bad worry, it’s good to go for a run and stay active, call a friend, call someone you need. Worry can get the best of you,” he said. “It’s a daily fight but you’ve just gotta trust God, trust yourself and get out there and get it.”

Kelley and Hubbard are reportedly also working on a new album while in quarantine.

Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, recently welcomed their third child, which they say is enough for them.

“We are beyond grateful for our three babies and feel confident that we’re done having children on our own,” the couple says. “… For now our hands are full and we are so thankful.”