Brittany Aldean Talks Diet, Understandably Details Why 2020 Was an ‘Off Year’ for Nutrition

by Will Shepard

Brittany Aldean is trying to put 2020 in her rearview mirror, just like billions of people around the world. She is also trying to dial in her regiment for 2021.

Like many people, Brittany Aldean is getting off to a little bit different of a start in 2021. More importantly, he is used to spending most of her time at home because of the pandemic, but she wants to get her diet dialed in.

Brittany Aldean Is Focusing on Her Diet

Consequently, she is trying to stay in tip-top shape. She has been staying active by chasing her kids around the house. Her goal for 2021, though, is to reign in a proper nutritional diet. In particular, she is starting to get a handle on a diet called South Beach.

“I kind of let it all go like a lot of people in 2020 because it’s just kind of an off-year, fun year for everybody, you know, at home having some drinks and food. I’m starting to get back on it and I know that it’s the time of new year’s resolutions and everything but I’m sticking to it.”

The South Beach Diet focuses primarily on carbohydrates. More specifically though, the diet is a low carb and high protein one that Brittany Aldean says suits her the best.

“It’s just easy, and being a mama, especially new ones, it is the best for me. So that’s what works for me, but also throwing in some exercise and stuff. I feel like I really indulged last year, and this is my time to get it back together.”

Consequently, Brittany Aldean says that watching her scale register her loss of weight is rejuvenating. Just like anyone working on their body, positive change is always welcome.

“I feel like doing my diet is more so for my health, and like, feeling better about my body and knowing that I’m taking the right steps to like be healthier, but it’s not so much like, ‘Oh I’m trying to lose all this weight.’ That just comes with doing it but, you know, just being happy and healthy.”

So, keep up with Brittany Aldean as she keeps trying to perfect the South Beach Diet.