Brooks & Dunn Toss Their Cowboy Hat Into the Ring and Do Viral ‘Neon Moon’ TikTok Trend

by Taylor Cunningham

The recently reunited Brooks & Dunn’s song Neon Moon has gone viral on TikTok, which is a major honor these days. So the duo decided to throw their hats into the ring and record their own version.

The Brooks & Dunn chart-topping platinum-certified 1981 hit is all over TikTok these days. Someone remixed the country classic and created a dance to the specific lyrics “When the sun goes down on my side of town/ That lonesome feeling comes to my door / And the whole world turns blue.” Then, the dance spread like wildfire. It’s actually quite catchy. And we love seeing the band trend. To be honest, we’re just happy that the kids these days still appreciate good music. 

Being the fun-loving good sports they are, the country crooning duo joined in and recorded their own version of the dance.


It’s crazy cool to see all your videos, keep ‘em coming ! #brooksanddunn #sungoesdown #neonmoon #neonmoonremix #countrymusic

♬ original sound – DJ Noiz

“It’s crazy cool to see all your videos, keep ‘em coming!” they captioned.

In the video, the guys are backstage during a tour stop. And they at least attempt the choreographed dance moves. They didn’t quite nail it, but we like their version just the same.

Just Like Brooks & Dunn Reba McEntire Took a Stab at a TikTok Trend

Reba McEntire is another country star who has gone viral on TikTok. Her single I’m a Survivor made its rounds on the social media site this summer. In the videos, people recorded themselves doing everyday things like eating or doing chores. And just like Brooks & Dunn, Reba filmed her own hilarious version of the trend

In an interview with Variety, Reba admitted that the idea came from one of her project managers. He’d noticed that the songs kept popping up on the site. So, of course, Reba needed to jump in on the trend.

“What would really be fun is if you did a TikTok singing ‘I’m a Survivor,’” Justin McIntosh suggested one day. And Reba thought it was a great idea. So she and her boyfriend grabbed a phone and headed out to do some farm chores. While they were out there, they paid a visit to her two donkeys.

“So I was out on the farm,” Reba remembered. “And Rex Linn, my boyfriend, had the idea of getting the donkeys involved — Pancho and Lefty.”

The Fancy singer told the publication that Rex began recording her while she was feeding her pets and everything just worked out perfectly.

“When I set the buckets down and the handles clicked, it kind of scared the donkeys, so they turned their butts to me,” she continued. “And I looked at the camera, and I said, ‘I’m a Survivor” — you know, like “what I have to put up with.”