Brothers Osborne Share Hilarious ‘Three Branches of Government’ Photo

by Madison Miller

What’s the cure to 2020?

Well besides 2021, maybe it’s just dog pictures and videos on the internet. Videos or photos that are almost impossible to not at least slightly turn a frown upside-down.

A recent picture on Twitter from Brothers Osborne, a band with a good mixture of twang and rock, may do just that.

A pretty clever joke from the band and a pretty adorable photo of their lab.

Many people are finally starting to feel the stress from the election season slowly start to diminish. This funny “government” related photo certainly helps.

Brothers Osborne 2020

The duo’s most recent album release is “Skeletons” which came out on Oct. 9.

Brothers Osborne was on the Artist 100 Billboard chart for 19 weeks. They are set to start a tour in March of 2021 in Florida.

The band prides themselves on their uniqueness from other artists in country music. In “Skeletons,” TJ Osborne sings “I’m good for some, but I’m not for everyone.”

That may be their declaration, but the group has also received six Grammy nominations, four CMA Awards, five ACM trophies, and over half a dozen hits.

They state on their official site that they aren’t shy about their musical influences. “‘Back on the Bottle’ pays tribute to Merle Haggard, while the barn-burning ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ nods to southern rockers like Marshall Tucker and the Allman Brothers Band. Even so, they’ve never sounded more self-assuredly original than they do here, confidently rolling a diverse range of inspiration into their own singular sound.”

Despite all of the obstacles of 2020, the band concludes that this album is meant to showcase their live performances.

According to Rolling Stone, this is the band’s first unabashed rock record.

“For a group that’s built their career on finding a way to showcases its quirkiness while still tweaking and tinkering with commercial country from within, there’s more than a little bit of self-consciousness in a tune like ‘I’m Not For Everyone.'”