Brothers Osborne Want Americans To Treat Election Results Like Little League Sports

by Kayla Zadel

In light of the recent election results, Brothers Osborne are offering up some advice.

The country duo, whose Twitter bio says, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet” citing the quote to Abraham Lincoln, make it seem like they want you to believe this bit of knowledge. The Brothers are taking it back to the days of little league.

The Tweet reads, “Remember in little league when, no matter the result, we had to walk on the field and slap the opposing team’s hand and say ‘good game’? Half were happy, half were sad, then everyone got to eat pizza afterwards. I think we should all eat pizza tonight.”

The Brothers are referring to the lesson of sportsmanship that’s taught at an early age in sports. It seems like it’s something that we sometimes forget when we’re older. This Twitter user brings that to the forefront.

Furthermore, one account’s offering a warning by saying, “Be careful what you post !! You might end up playing sh-t holes in a few years !! #nofans#ruinedyourcareer” A warning that maybe The Chicks were given after band member Natalie Maines criticized President George W. Bush.

Brothers Osborne Collection of Political Tweets

Though the Brothers Osborne didn’t make a public stand as to who they sided with, the duo is sharing a wide variety of messages about the election.

They encouraged people to vote.

They also share that even though the country is divided, we’re all in the same boat.

They made references to the time it’s taking to count votes.

Furthermore, the duo even says they’re gathering inspiration from the election.

Brothers Osborne Nominated for CMA Award

Now that it seems like the election is drawing to a close, the 54th CMA Awards are on the horizon. The actual brothers of Brothers Osborne are up for best Vocal Duo of the Year.

They join Brooks & Dunn, Dan + Shay, Florida Georgia Line, and Maddie & Tae in the category.