Carly Pearce Hilariously Shows How She Plans on ‘Eyeing Mashed Potatoes’ on Thanksgiving

by Thad Mitchell

Country music star Carly Pearce is looking forward to her upcoming Thanksgiving meal and one side dish has her eye. Pearce took to social media on Wednesday to share with her fans how much she loves mash potatoes.

“Me eyeing the mashed potatoes tomorrow at #Thanksgiving dinner,” she writes in the tweet’s caption. Along with the declaration of her favorite Thanksgiving side dish, Pearce posts a GIF of herself strutting her stuff.

The Twitter post had the desired effect as numerous Pearce fans replied to the tweet with their own Thanksgiving confessions.

“How a I feel about the mac n’ cheese I’m making,” a Pearce fan replies.

“How I feel about the sweet potato casserole!” another fan says.

“Happy Thanksgiving and hope you get to enjoy all the comfort foods you love!” another fan says.

“It’s Green Bean Casserole for me!” a Twitter user writes.

“That’s me with the Mac and Cheese even that box stove top,” another fan adds.

Pearce Uses Social Media to Connect With Fans

The singer has been active on social media as of late, connecting with her through her accounts. She recently shares a “throwback” of herself performing as a young girl.