Carly Pearce Knows She ‘Wrote a Good One’ in New Guitar-Wielding Photo

by Thad Mitchell

Country music artist Carly Pearce took to social media to declare success in her recent songwriting efforts. With a weekend photo of her with guitar raised high, the singer proclaims when you just know — you just know.

“Mood when you know you wrote a good one,” she says. She finishes the tweet with lightning bolt emoji signifying she is feeling energized after the writing experience. In the photo, Pearce appears to be in a parking garage of some sorts with several large, white busses in front of her. The singer is wearing a black decorative dress and is carrying two bags with her. Her guitar case is above her head.

Pearce’s social media followers delighted in knowing their favorite country music artist is in the lab writing songs that some day may become hit. Numerous fans comment on Twitter that they cannot wait to here what Pearce has cooked up.

“This how I feel about “Should’ve Known Better.” a fan tweets. “Cannot wait for you to release it to the world!”

“This is probably the way you feel every time you write one,” another fan says.

Pearce Tweets About “Rough” Start to Weekend

While Pearce is pleased with her songwriting session, the weekend didn’t start as planned Pearce says. On Saturday, she tweets that her weekend time got off to a rough start due to a few accidents.

“So far I’ve spilled an entire cup of coffee down my dresser and dropped my phone into a crockpot full of water,” she tweets. “All before 8 a.m. How’s your Saturday going?”