Carly Pearce Reveals Her Favorite Holiday Traditions

by Emily Morgan

As the Christmas season comes to a head, country music singers are revealing their favorite holiday traditions. Female country sensation Carly Pearce joined in on the trend when the singer disclosed her favorite Christmas activities.

Carly Pearce’s cherished Christmas traditions involve her pets, her mom, and two of their favorite holiday films. In an interview with her label, Big Machine Records, Pearce painted a vivid picture of one of her many favorite holiday activities: sitting down with her mom to watch two Christmas movies they both enjoy. 

“My mom and I, we have two movies that we watch every year. We watch The Family Stone, and we watch The Holiday and that’s kind of our thing,” the breakout star explains. “We may watch them twice. I always know it’s Christmas when my mom and I are on the couch watching that. And now it’s like we have a glass of wine and we eat popcorn, and that’s just a very special time for me.”

Carly Pearce’s Family Makes Room for New Puppy

However, the mom-daughter movie night is just one way Pearce and her family celebrate the Christmas season. The “Every Little Thing” singer also describes another precious tradition of putting up the stockings that resemble the other family members at the Pearce home: the pets. 

We’re very big animal people. So when I see the animal stockings that look identical to our family pets, when they’re hanging I know it’s Christmas … My mom puts those out pretty early ’cause she loves them,” Pearce says.

The family will have to make room for an additional pet stocking for this year’s Christmas. Earlier in the year, following her divorce from fellow country artist Michael Ray, the singer adopted a Shih Tzu puppy named June. The two country singers were married for a little under a year. 

The singer-songwriter introduced fans to her adorable new pup on June 30 with a selfie featuring a small white and brown puppy.

“Hi. Meet June,” she shared, along with a heart emoji. We’re currently keeping our fingers crossed for Christmas-themed photos of the cute pup.