Carly Pearce Shows Off Her ‘Christmas Week Mood’ in Concert Pic

by Chris Haney

On Monday, country singer Carly Pearce showed off her holiday spirit in a Twitter post that expressed just how excited she is that Christmas is almost here.

The “I Hope You’re Happy Now” singer seems amped up now that we are in Christmas week. With the holiday only four days away now, Pearce shared a festive photo of herself from a past concert. She’s wearing black leather pants and a grey t-shirt. However, a huge red bow sits on top of her head, which looks like it could’ve been pulled off a gift from underneath a Christmas tree.

“Christmas week mood,” Pearce tweeted alongside four emojis. They included laughing, Christmas tree, Santa, and heart emojis.

After a tough 2020 like many have had, Pearce looks happy to be able enjoy the holiday week leading up to Christmas Day on Friday.

Carly Pearce Opens Up About Her Divorce Earlier This Year

Carly Pearce and her fellow country musician husband Michael Ray went their own ways over the summer, and she’s opened up about her tough year.

The country music pairing got married in October of 2019. Yet, the Nashville-based couple didn’t last long. They announced their separation after Pearce filed for divorce in June 2020. The couple’s marriage only lasted eight months to the surprise of many, including Pearce herself.

She did not share specific reasons as to why exactly the relationship did not work. However, Pearce did explain that she gave Ray multiple opportunities to improve aspects of their relationship to no avail.

“I did everything that I knew how to do,” Pearce explained to People. “It takes two people to work on something … When you love somebody, you trust them.”

“This was something that I really took time to make sure I was doing the right thing. It was very clear that this was not the marriage that I wanted,” Pearce continued.

Pearce says she’s still processing her failed marriage and that it’s been a very difficult year for her. She’s felt like a failure and said that she’s embarrassed over her unsuccessful marriage. But, her faith has helped her heal and begin to move forward. She says that everyone “has a journey,” and she accepts that this is hers.

“I’ve come to a place of just accepting that everybody has a journey, and this is mine — and the right person will be able to love me through that,” Pearce concluded.